Friday, January 1, 2016

I wish to go Beyond the Horizon - Happy New Year 2016!!

I wish to go Beyond the Horizon - Happy New Year 2016!!

The Horizon of Dreams stretches as I chase My Own
Distance seems as if never have ever narrowed
But with every step towards the prosperity makes me feel
I’m complete, achiever and blessed with Grace from above

The Horizon of Hope widens when I feel myself done
It seems as if someone manages everything for me
Standing in the dark, when I search for a path
From somewhere an illumination appears showing my lane

The Horizon of Help extends itself when I need it badly
It seems as If someone has it in amass for me always
My doubts gets cleared, my resolution gets stronger
And my journey becomes trouble-free and friction-less

The Horizon of Love Expands when I’m left alone
By those who I always loved and cared as much as I can
It feels like someone has always been my Companion
As He finds new people for me from an unknown land

He is always there, takes the best care of me
As I Trail the path of my Destiny
The Thought itself lands me in the sphere of glee

As it makes me feel the paradise on the Earth!!

Life has been a wonderful journey so far,
With all those usual twists and Turns
The Horizon of life has always fascinated me
And I always have an urge to go beyond that Line 

Time never takes rest, never walks backward….so also Life
Let’s take every step towards finishing our journey
And leave everything to the Invisible Liberator!!!
Let The Year 2016 Brings Hope, Light, Health and Success To Everyone!
Happy New Year 2016


  1. आपको भी नववर्ष की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएं...

  2. Hello maam
    Wishing you too a very Happy NEW YEAR 2016
    Have a beautiful and blessed year ahead :)