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It’s Not My Resolution to "Lack Convictions" in My Resolutions!!!

It’s Not My Resolution to “Lack Convictions” in My Resolutions

Date 01.01.2015
Time:  9 a.m

I was standing in my Balcony of my flat looking at the busy roads with my cuppa in hand. The Hangover of previous day’s New Year eve party was still on me. My phone was giving a beep for a message alert nearly in every five minutes. Mother had already called me in the early morning to wish me Happy New Year when I was still on bed. There were some missed calls…probably from some other relatives and friends. I hadn’t checked them. My Hubby and My son were still asleep.

After few minutes I returned to my living room. My new Dairy and a new pen were lying in the centre table. The newspaper was lying beside them. I had already decided. The first thing I would do (as I always do) was “To Write My Resolutions for the New Year”.

I started writing them one by one. Around half an hour I spent writing my resolutions, goals I wanted to achieve and things I wanted to do/start.   I was happy as I did what I always used to do.

I believe in making resolutions on New Years. Since my academic years I have been making them. Some were achieved and somewhere not.  I always feel we should always have some resolutions to begin with the New Year.

But when I flipped that page in the last week of December 2015, I found many of them haven’t been even touched. Some of them not even tried for. Then I remembered it has always been like that. I would write many of them, then would try some…then forget about all.

For example…Two things I would always write in the list of resolutions in the category “Self Improvement goal”

1.    I will overcome my biggest enemy “Procrastination”.
2.    I will conquer my fears especially when I face an audience, new people or new surroundings.

But I have not been able to achieve it. Still Procrastination reins my routine and still “Fear” has a strong grip on me.
What does it mean…lack of conviction in my resolutions...right. At least I feel so.  May be I never had that faith or belief on my resolutions thereby never put as much efforts to achieve them.

Moral of the story is “Without Conviction, deep passion and sincerity…resolutions are nothing”. Lack of Conviction always defeats the purpose of Resolution.
So this time I have decided not to repeat the same.
It’s Not My Resolution to “lack convictions” in my resolutions.
It’s Not My Resolution to let insincerity or unbelief defeat the purpose of my resolutions.
It’s not My Resolution to let “Procrastination” and “Fear” to still have a clutch on me.
It’s Not My Resolution to let My List of Resolution to have a tag of “Not Achieved” at the End of the year.

Let’s not allow anything derail us from the track that leads us towards the fulfillment of our resolutions!!!! 

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  1. Hello Maam
    Wishing you and ur family a very happy, healthy and beautiful New Year 2016
    Wishing you a blessed year ahead :)

    1. Thank You Bhavik :)
      wish you a very delightful New year ahead

  2. That's lovely and hope you achieve your dreams. Happy New Year :)

    Have a look at my latest blog too and share your ideas >>

    1. Thank You Amreen
      Happy New Year to you as well.
      will sure visit your blog.