Monday, January 25, 2016

The Fruit JuiceWala who taught me a lesson that have a deep impact on me!!

it happened few months back.We were returning from a Doctor’s appointment at Dadar. The visit was over around 10 pm and by the time we reached Vashi it was almost around 11:15 p.m.  It was already late so we decided to pack some food from a restaurant. 

We went to the restaurant to order our food. While returning, suddenly it started drizzling. As the car was parked at a little distance, so my husband asked my son and me to wait there while he went to the car to bring the umbrella (we couldn’t allow our son to be drenched as he has respiratory problems and it aggravates with that). Near that restaurant a Fruit Juice wala have his outlet. We waited there.

Although it is a busy lane in general but that time it was almost crowd free as it was late. Most shutters were already down. Not many people I could see surrounding the Juicewala. I saw some of them even were bargaining for the price for a “Glass Of juice” even it was at a nominal price as compared to the same “Glass of Juice” in any branded juice outlet or restaurant.

Well…that’s the way most of us do…I guess. I loved the way the JuiceWala appeared to be. Tireless, energetic and cool…I quickly clicked some pictures of him.

I saw a little boy was standing there and looking at the Juice glasses. I thought he might have been a son of a shopkeeper in that place or the people around there.
After some time I saw The JuiceWala offered him a “Glass of Anar Juice (Pomegranate juice) and the little soul gulped them as quickly as he could.

Now I was sure the boy was known to the Juice Wala. However I was proved wrong as I saw the little boy ran to a Tempo parked at few steps away after hearing a harsh tone from a mid aged man.

He quickly boarded the tempo and within moments it left.
I was bit curious. By that time my Husband had already reached with Umbrellas. But I couldn’t stop myself asking The Juice Wala about the whole scene.

What he said had a deep impact on me…

The little boy was a child laborer working as a helper for that tempo driver. He was perhaps hungry which the Juice Wala understood. So he offered him a Glass of Juice even if the boy was completely a stranger to him.

Just before I had seen “well off” people haggling to lessen even Rs10/- for a glass of Juice where as the JuiceWala offered an entire Glass (which could have earned him Rs.70/- per a Glass of Anar Juice) to a hungry child. Also none of us could see the hungry eyes of that boy….isn’t it something shameful for us?

It was something soul stirring as it made me realized the shrunken consciousness inside us the so called “well heeled” people. We perhaps need counseling on “generosity” from such people around us like that of the above Fruit JuiceWala”

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  1. life's lessons an be learnt from anyone at any time :-)
    Great post my dear!
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. So kind!
    Good that you captured the moments.