Saturday, January 30, 2016

A #LoveAndLaughter story: An Embarrassing prank!!

We had an arrange marriage, jhat mangni pat shaadi kind though. It was just after a month or so of my marriage. I had been to my maternal place as i was supposed to wrap up things at my institute where i used to work before my marriage. 

I have three elder brothers who were already married that time. And my three Bhabis – sister in law – are quite fun making kind. But my hubby is bit reserve. In our Culture, making fun with Brother-in -law (Nandoi…the husband of Husband’s sister) is often ritualistic. But as my Hubby was quite reticent those days particularly, so My Bhabis were not getting enough scope to make fun/prank much with him.

Well as I had been there and my Hubby was supposed to visit my place after some days and we were supposed to leave for Mumbai together, my Bhabis had a grand plan to trap him in a prank. I resisted as I knew how shy he was but in vein.

He used to call me every day in our land line (as those days in Cell phones...There was incoming charges also) which my Badi Bhabi used to pick most of the time. She would always try to talk with him for a while. But Mr.Shy either would ask her to get me in the line or would disconnect saying he would call after sometime in case I wasn’t available. That’s been the case always.

In fact taking these things, I had a little fight with him also over phone saying why wasn’t he bit opening up. And it was a perfect chance for my SILs to carry out their Grand plan.

Finally the day came when he visited our home. Three days before (the day after our fight) I wasn’t allowed to talk to him and Bhabi had conveyed that “I was angry with him”.

As he came, he was greeted by all those rituals done to a Damad. He was sitting in the couch in living room and perhaps looking around to find me. Knowing that my Bhabi said I was in the bed Room and he could go and meet.

Well, in the bed room there was a different set up for him. I was made to hide behind the Cupboards with my second Bhabi while my third Bhabi was there on the Bed sitting in the edge wearing one of My Saree with a pallu (veil) on her head. Her back was facing the entrance door.
“What would he say to me when he would find me alone” was the Grand Plan of my Bhabis to discover so that they could tease him for that.

I prayed the God that the “poor guy” shouldn’t fall into the trap. But…things were something else. He was escorted by my Badi Bhabi to the room and then she acted like as if she left. He entered the room and might be thinking nobody would be there other than me. He called me with my name and asked if I was still angry on him….

There was no answer (Obviously). I was hiding controlling my breathe and laughter...


I wish he would have been bit smarter to confirm if the lady before him was actually me or not.
Finally Mr.Shy did what he shouldn’t have.  He hugged the lady on the bed from the back saying all those private things….

And my Bhabhi screamed...

We came out of the cupboard and my Badi Bhabi rushed into the room (as she was also hiding behind the door)

Seeing me in front of him…poor Mr.Shy was literally shocked as he realized that it wasn’t me whom he had hugged and jumped out of the bed only to hurt him with one of its edge. He had turned Red (he is very fair) with shock, embarrassment and realization of the fact that “he had fallen badly into the trap”.

There should have been a camera set up in the room...
the scene and the expression of Mr.Shy was really epic..

My Bhabis and me couldn't prevent ourselves busting into laughter.
My mother came rushing as she had heard the scream thinking something went wrong. Finding that it was all a mischief by us...she shouted and asked my Bhabis to leave the room. She also scolded me for not informing her about it. 
Then she turned to her Shocked Damad to pacify him....

As my Bhabis left the room they were having those naughty and mischievous smiles on their faces…after all…the entire mission was successful.

We stayed two more days after that and believe me Mr.Shy could hardly come out of the room unless it was needed as he was feeling very awkward to face my Bhabis.
In fact for many years after that the prank remained quite fresh in his mind making him uncomfortable among them.

He would say me always...

“It’s for the love for you honey…I had fallen into the trap varna zamane mein itna takat kisme hai jo mujhe fool banade”

So you admit- I would say- that you were made a fool that day and he would really become silent while I would be having that mischievous smirk on my face…

Now days he is changed a bit, not that awkward but whenever we reminiscent this incident, we get tickles and mirth. And with groups (with my Bhabis and all…) when we all meet at one place…the mention of this incident actually unfolds so much laughter that it is almost like breaking our funny bones….

It’s my #LoveAndLaughter story…. An Embarrassing prank he had to fall for his love for me!!Choo...Chooo…Poor Guy!

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  1. So much fun with so many family members! :)

  2. Mazaa as gaya padh kar. I can sympathize for him, but the fun was awesome!

    I had funny moments too during my marriage- not those with the private words though.

  3. haha poor guy. It's so much fun. But then once in a while having this kinda fun won't hurt ;)