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The siren rang in the SPD (Space Patrol Delta) centre. It’s a sign of danger. Power Rangers rushed to the Lab – The command center.

Commander Doggie Cruger looked grim.

Rangers, be seated. There is something serious. We need to discuss... Said Kat - the alien lab head.

Kat, what’s the matter? Why commander Cruger looked upset? Asked Jack - The Red  Ranger.

I think he might have developed some lice. You know my bulldog had something similar and he also looked depressed, Said Bridge – The Green Ranger.

Shut up Bridge...Shouted Z – The yellow ranger. Is it time for making fun? Can’t you see Doggie Cruger looking really serious?

Commander Cruger, is Grum back with some more destructive Energy?? Asked Sky – The Blue Ranger – with a bit concerned voice.

Oh!! Not again…said Syd – The pink ranger.  Do Grum even take some rest? We just fought with him and his Krybots two days back. Is he back again?

The five SPD Power Rangers were really worried. Grum (Real Name Emperor Gruumm) – the enemy of the Galaxy – has a sinister ambition to rule the Universe. It has already captured many Galaxies and made the lives of their inhabitants quite miserable. It has captured almost all parts of the Our Galaxy except Planet Earth. Commander Doggie Cruger has been stopping him to be in power on Earth.Grum had already defeated him In another Galaxy. So Commander Cruger has been very careful while preparing his team of SPD power rangers.  At SPD – Space Patrol Delta – Command Center, Power Rangers are trained to fight with Grum and his Army of KryRobots.

Doggie Crugger - Rangers…A new Force has awakened in The Galaxy….He finally said in his grave and commanding tone. We have called you all to introduce it to you.

Gosh!! Thank God, No “Grum”…said Syd.

New force? You mean new Enemy in the Galaxy other than Grum?
Sky was really anxious.

Kat Manx- No Rangers. Nothing sort of that.  It’s something for you. You already have your morphers and jerts. This times something more for you. We want you to be equipped with power of Dark with Star War Techniques.

Jack – The Red Ranger - Power of Dark …didn’t get you Kat

Kat – Jack it’s something quite new. Let me tell you.

Syd – Hey Kat, Are you talking about “HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook?”  My Dad was telling me about it. He wants to give it to me. You Know, My dad is very rich and he wants me to have everything under the Sky. Sorry Sky…I don’t mean it’s YOU

Z – The Yellow Rangers – Syd, will shut up now. We know your dad is rich. But don’t forget that you’re a power ranger
Syd – Okay…carry on.

Commander Cruger – Rangers….we are doing a serious discussion that will help you in future fights to save The Planet Earth. Can’t you realize?

All rangers looked at Syd.

Kat – Syd you are right. Yes, its HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook and she switch on the monitor.
WOW!! That’s really wonderful….all Rangers looked at it.

Kat – Rangers, Just see how its Dark side inspired. Strike fear throughout the galaxy with ominous dark side graphics. The Galactic Empire lives on in the battle-worn design of this unique special editionisn’t it great?

BridgeAwesome Kat. Can I explore the HP Command Center...I mean Star War Command Center with it? I want to do some research to create new techniques and apply it in Old robots. 

Kat – Yes Bridge, You can Explore HP Command Center and Star war Command Center. You can also do research on Star Wars. You know what, This Note book comes with pre-loaded rare Star Wars contents of all series created by Lucasfilm artists before the films were made, a collection of storyboards which were actually used to guide filming, and behind-the-scenes photos, set designs, costumes, models, and more..

Sky – Really!! I always wanted to know more about robot techniques in Star Wars. We can apply them in our research lab to create new robots while fighting with Grum.

KatRangers, You have a complete Access to the Empire. You have Thought Starters as well. You can completely Immerse yourself in the iconic Star Wars™ universe. This notebook comes preloaded with rare wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars™ archives.

Bridge – Great!! Superb!! I will take wall papers and screen savers print outs and put them in the Walls. It will make me feel like in the midst of Star Wars …you Know.

Jack – Bridge…will you shut up!  But Cat, Is it that only??

Kat – Jack, Bridge is Right. It will make you feel like standing in the midst of Star Wars as @DJSnake and @RudyMancuso reinvent the music of Star Wars in it. Sorry Bridge, not with print outs.

Rangers….it has Full HD antiglare display -  A dazzling view with an extra wide viewing angle, 
Unleash your inner sith with glowing red backlit keys. Type like you is a citizen of Coruscant. Aurebesh, the Galactic Base Standard language, comes loaded in the font library of the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook. Keep going even in dimly lit rooms with an illuminated keyboard,

Reliable processing power - Handle all your everyday tasks easily With Intel® Core TM i5 processor

Can you imagine how your life at SPD training center is going to change?

And it can also unleash a new power in you, in  S.W.A.T mode which will help you not only fighting Grum and his krybots but also any enemy like him or deadlier than him.
Z – You mean something extra – ordinary in us?

Commnder Cruger – Yes Z….you’re right. Rangers, it’s for you all to #AwakenYourForce Ignite you power with your dark side inspired!!

Jack - You mean we are going get one for each one of us?

Commander Cruger – Jack, You’re the Team Leader. Do I need to say more…? You are the saviors of Planet. In future you have to save the Galaxy as well. It’s our duty to equip you with latest technology, expertise and weapons. HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is for you all…to explore the Universe, explore Star Wars….
Jack - Okay Commander!!

Yeeepeeeee….Rangers are elated!!Thank you Commander!!

Cammander Doggie Cruger – Rangers…Go to your rooms! You’ll find your HP Star Wars Note Books in Your Tables!!

Rangers – Thank You Sir!!!

Commander – DISMISS

All the rangers went to their rooms.
Kat – Commander…Thanks a lot for Outsourcing this. I couldn’t have made anything better than this.

Commander – Kat, You are our asset. You're the best Lab head of SPD. Only because of you we are still having control on Grum. Thank you for that. And Yes…for you also DISMISS

Kat – Yes Commander!!!

Crugger – Hmmmm 

This Post is written for HP Star Wars Fun Side Challenge. #AwakenYourForce To see more visit the following link

(Disclaimer - The Story Is Originally Conceived By My Ten year  Son Aaditya)


Image Source - HP Official sites. Some information also taken from the same site.
Source of Power Ranger Images - Google images

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