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Vitamin E, An Antioxidant, A Strong Regiment in Body’s Defence System!!

“There are two obstacles to vibrant health and longevity: ignorance and complacency.” – World 
Health Organization. 
I strongly agree with it. Do you know on!! 

Anta Tikta, Danta Lun,
Peta Puriba Tini Gun, 
Mathe Pagoda, Pav Tel
Baida Sange Kariba Gel….

Every morning take something bitter in empty stomach, apply salt in teeth regularly, Eat up to ¾ th of your stomach(never eat stomach full), always cover your head and message oil in the feet before going to sleep. If you do these things, you can challenge any doctor in the village.

The above lines in Odia are basically an ancient way of lifestyle that was believed to be important to keep people healthy till their last breathe and live a long life.

Never before, the above words spoken by my father reverberated in me than in recent years. Its only when I had to play a “temple-run”, literally running from one doctor to other, to address my different health problems, I realized what my health-conscious-father wanted us to learn about life, health and living, in my upbringing years. Precisely a Healthy Lifestyle

He used to say,

LIFE itself doesn’t come up with any health problems; it’s the LIFESTYLE we lead, that brings us the health issues. That’s why whenever we get affected by any disease or health issues, since time immemorial, doctors advice us to adopt some Lifestyle changes – sometime for a temporary period and sometimes permanent changes depending upon the health ailment - along with the medications.  Sometime we are advised to add few foods to our diets and sometimes to remove few things too.  So while dealing with health issues, doctors invariably asks us to change and adopt a better lifestyle.
How true it is!! But sad L that I didn’t realised them till I suffered hell lot of health issues. Sigh!!  Well better late than never….

Few years back, That day, I was sitting before a nutritionist finally after being asked by an array of specialists – an endocrinologist, gynaecologist, dermatologist and my parlorwali too- I visited before.

Having an inflammatory thyroid gland with an acute Hypothyroidism, receding hairlines with few white strands winking at you spelling their existence, dull skin along with skin problems too due to a mild attack of auto immune disorder, sunken eyes, puffy face, extra fatigued mind and extra bulges peeping out stubbornly defying the efforts my loosely wore kameez  to hide them, I was probably helpless and hopeless to get back to my normal life, at least. It seemed as if the last one decade – that included my motherhood, babying the child, tussle between my home and work etc that resulted in a very irregular lifestyle - had taken a big toll on me making me a “Beyond repair” creature at the end.

However, the lady before me was having twinkles in her eyes, pacified me assuring that within few months, I would find a different me. She gave me a chart to strictly adhere with that included list of foods, timings, activities and other optional things and asked me to visit her regularly in prescribed time. And I religiously followed them out of desperation though but trust me, today I am all together a different person. That’s the power of adopting right life style, food and activities.

We suffer health issues often due to free radicals. Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues in a process called "oxidation stress." They are unstable and electron deficient atoms, precisely scavengers, damage cells and tissues in our body to snatch an electron from them to settle down their own. The damaged cells and tissues results in destroying of many organs as well as creating ailments. The Free radicals need to be neutralised and there comes the role of the vitamins and minerals, that the body uses to counteract oxidative stress are called antioxidants.

It’s just like free radicals are inner and inevitable enemies of the body and antioxidants are inner army to deal with them. However, the army often lacks strength and potency (suffer deficiency of certain Vitamins and Minerals) which we need to outsource from externals agencies like food and all.

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant to neutralise Free Radicals. It helps in sanitising free radicals that damage skin and hair normally but also helps in dealing with those that affect our different organ systems too that may cause deadly ailments as terrible as Cancer too.  We can say, it’s a Strong Regiment in our body’s defence system. 

I was asked to add avocado and Almonds (the good source of Vitamin E) in my diet while was restricted to other sources like Spinach, Broccoli, Shrimps etc given to my hypersensitivity to them. 

In fact at times I was asked to supplement them in the form of tablets, for popping orally and lotions, gels capsules and creams to apply in the specific parts. Like Vitamin E Gel tablet that need to be pierced with a pin and squeezed out the gel and apply on hair and face. It was reallyyy helpful. Out of many other things Vitamin E supplement both from food and other sources like cream or pills,  really helped me not only regain my vitality, glowing skin and thickening hair but also it repaired my body from inside too, making me look fresh and energised. 

Now days, there are many readily available authentic sources i.e. Doctors rely upon like Evion  for outsourcing  Vitamin E for the body’s defence system.

Recent I bought a Evion Cream containingVitamin E and aloe vera which is an excellent moisturising cream. Vitamin E also helps in weight loss, removing pregnancy stretch marks, dry skin problems and hair problems like premature greying of hair and hair loss. So i must take its importance seriously!! 

Thank God!! I am back to life with a Healthy Life Style…and Trillion Thanks To my father who is twinkling in the night sky!!
So…what’s you are waiting for? Check out yours…Okay!!!  

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  1. Oh wow didn't know about free radicals. Thank you so much for making us aware of this. I usually take antioxidants through drinks like Beyonde so that I get enough vitamins and antioxidants in my body.