Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dad Rock!! Stereotype Shocks!!

Dad Rock!! Stereotype Shocks!!

It was pre-dusk and I was there at the park for my evening walk. The atmosphere around the Children’s play area was filled with ear-splitting looping sound effects emerged from noise and laud shrieks of excited children who were busy in running, swinging, sliding around. However amidst the usual scene what struck me unusual that day was “the way a Father was involved with his daughter” while accompanying her in the park. 
The Little angel was throwing all sorts of tantrums and her dad was handling them seemingly much better than a mother, calm and composed. He was helping her, picking her up when she was falling, motivating her when she was afraid of doing certain things. He was laughing aloud along with his daughter's laughter. 

Most Amazing was when he combed her unruly hair and made a pony tail out of it with his “own comb” in the pocket. The scene was really amusing as well as heartwarming. I couldn't help being awe-struck looking at his ease, as if he was doing it everyday.  

A country where, every other day day there is a report of female infanticide, rape or dowry case, having such real life scene definitely a TREAT in Itself. 
Now, who says, fathers can’t take care of the kids!!! They do…in fact sometime they do it much better than anyone else, even better than mothers ...I guess!! 

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