Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I can’t say if it is inscribed in my DNA or I have been programmed that way or it’s how I have been blessed with an antennae like that, the fact is,  I have always been attracted to the people who live in “Reality” more than the world of “Dos and Don’ts”. It’s not easy, let’s admit it, because our surrounding always drives us invariably to follow some norms and customs, compelling at times, too. Well, not always they are bad though but sometime it makes me feel as if we are just animated objects “ not-having-our-key-in-our-hands”. Just like toys.  That’s why I have a fondness of observing people and their lives who really don’t surrender to the surrounding, come what may.

On First January, When She came, i asked her "How did you celebrate last Night?"
She replied, "Kya Manaega Bhabi, hum Celebrate karein to Naya saal ayega, Na Kare, to bhi Nayaa Saal ayega. Nayaa Saal ko ana hi hota hai" and then she giggled. 

Her twinkling eyes were looking like radiating gems on her serene face. For a moment, the sleep deprived state of me suddenly got a mild start, realizing my silliness and inanity to spend the New Year Eve over inanimate celebration, till late night.  The whole day, new year day,  was going to be a tiring one given to my fatigue state of being. 

How profound her thought was. Time is ought to change, no matter we do something or not. That's the only truth. New Year would always come, if we stay awake or not. I am not against those who like to celebrate in whatever way they want. But I am against myself being influenced by the same, which I often fall into.

Cina is a very calm, composed and content lady. She never loses her cool (okay, she does sometime if someone says something about me or to me, Ha ha)
So many things I have learnt from her, yet it seems still I have to fathom a sea of wisdom of her life. A very affectionate and adorable as a person... She is Made for Me Forever

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