Saturday, January 13, 2018

When I encountered with My Shadow!!

When I encountered with My Shadow!!

In the embrace of the abandoned dark,
When the whispers of glowworm
Were as laud as their spark
In a whimsical moment
I trail down the stripped concourse,
Where a single lamp-post stands lit,
Illuminating it with golden flash

I remembered,
For n-number of times in the past     
I had passed by that neon glint patch
While silence was the ruling boss in the ambiance

But Today,
It was unusually strange
My Solitude was punctured by an insinuation
I pause for a moment and looked around
The sound was coming from beneath the ground                           

“You never look at me & register my existence
Even If I am the lone and forever, companion you have
Even If you spare a look, at once
It’s just to Look-down upon me, always”

The uttering voice was bewailed & grieved  
Made me cast my surprised look on the ground
And I encountered my SHADOW, in a lamenting sound

Replied I…
“You stride with me only when paths are bright,
But in darkness you are out of my sight.
You disappear often in the times of dark
Leaving me alone, done and off-track
Opportunist betray and you the one
I get hurt most when you shun”

Dismayed by my ruthless avowal,
My SHADOW said
“You could never see my fight with dark
That not only torments you,
But also steals my existence
Every time, you face darkness
I suffer an identity crisis
For you it’s just twists and turns of life
But my fight is to bring light to your life
For my existence is because of the light around you
That’s why I always pray, a shining life for you”

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