Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Songs of A Gypsy Heart!!!

Songs of A Gypsy Heart!!!

I believe that whenever we are in the right path of our life, positive co-incidences happen. That’s my personal observation, because it happened so with me few years back, when I thought of giving a serious note to writing as a distraction from my mundane life. 
I was never a writer-kind of person and poetry was something which could have not even imagined in my wildest dream. But then, probably Destiny had a very different plan for me to chart and archive what nature has stored for me.
Surprising things happened, helping me to be groomed up as a writer and a poet. Still, I am in the learning phase, quite naive and tender… And here I am with my first Poetry Collection Book. I feel, this is what they say Beginner’s luck.

With the Process of My life I have learnt
I have a DEFINITE purpose in this Vast Universe
There is a SONG which only I can sing
There is a PLACE which only I can fill
There is a CALLING which only I can answer
There is ROLE which only I can perform
To meet the PURPOSE of my Life and Its Norm
The World awaits Me with Open arms
For the boundless Joy and Happiness, to have

I have to sing the songs of my gypsy heart!
We all are created for a definite purpose; it’s our responsibility to fulfil that. That’s Life.

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