Thursday, February 9, 2017

#ExtraOrdinaryTale Of Ordinary People!!

That day I was in hurry to return home. Just then an auto stopped by (Sharing one) looking for boarding passengers. I dashed into it. Next moment I was surprised to find the driver of my gender i.e. a woman. I was delighted not because I wasn’t aware of the women auto drivers but it was my first encounter with one. It was ever more amusing seeing because her daughter was sitting beside her. As the auto sped off I had a brief chat with her and her daughter.  

She is Reshma and she drives auto for her livelihood. Her daughter is proud of her and dreams to be an IAS officer. She is a happy mother and happy women. Her daughter a pre-teenage girl was visibly happy but was bit shy to talk to me. She nodded her head to say Yes/No to my queries and just smiled…That’s it!! On the way two more passengers boarded it (one of them being a woman) and were amused to see the whole ambiance. My stop came just in 15 minutes.
I can’t say…how delightful and inspiring those 15 minutes were.
This is called  #Extraordinary tale of #Ordinary people. #Inspirational

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