Sunday, January 29, 2017

#MagicOfWarmth: An Encounter With A stranger!

“Final year??”

I was taken aback with a voice coming from my back. I turned back only to find an unfamiliar guy, medium height, slim built advancing towards my bench having a broad smiling on his face,

That day,

Hopelessly crestfallen, unsure and uncertain of what to do next, I was sitting in a corner bench in our class room that was empty that moment. Though it was a pick hour for the college, I was sure; no one would come around that part of the college as the PG (Post Graduate) department for Chemistry was slightly distanced from the main building of it. Moreover, courses were finished, and the pre-preparation for the board examinations were at pick those days.

Last few hours had been the most dreaded moments of my life till then. I was there to fill the form for my Final Year Post Graduation Examinations which were supposed to be held after two months. I had filled it up already, though wasn’t sure if would be able to appear in it or not.

By then, previous two years had been too tough to handle. My decision to do Post Graduation had not gone well in the family which never believed in “Education for Girls”. Till my graduation, somehow my elder brothers supported both morally and financially if not father who was dead against it given to his orthodox brahminical upbringing. However my brothers weren’t in favor of my idea to pursue my higher education after it (Post Graduations…which I was determined to do at any cost). The reason being it was considered as a barrier and often proved to be costly to find an equal match(groom) for me to get married with.

Since there wasn’t any support, I had decided to pursue it from the same college far away from my home in a hope I would acquire help and support from my classmates, department lectures (who I had a good rapport with while doing graduation). But things didn’t turn up that way. My HOD (Head of the Department) was surprised at me when I was there to fill the form because he had already assumed that I had dropped the idea of doing PG. I couldn’t attend classes throughout the year given to some family compulsions. However, he had already excused my “Attendance short” as a kind gesture and wished me lucks.


But I had no study materials with me. The important books from the Library had gone. As classes were already finished, so there were no friends too from whom I could have collected few notes. I couldn’t collect even 20% of the syllabus. Without any study material, how would I appear in exam!! I was done after my desperate attempt and actions to try my best but in vein. That moment I was at the verge of dropping the idea itself (pursuing PG) which was quite painful for me.

“Yes” I said hesitantly as he was quite a stranger to me.

“I am also in the final year but I have never seen you in the class”. He said while sitting at a bench near to me.

I was silent. But tears were no more in my control. They rolled out of my eyes making a slander and snaky way through my cheeks to fall on my own lap.

“Okay! Ohkay!! Don’t worry!! I think you have missed some important lectures and notes discussed in the class. If you wish then you can take them from me”. He said in a soft but concerned tone.”Have you got the books?” 

I was amazed for a moment!! There was an unusual #MagicOfWarmth in his voice and concerns. That immediately had a reassuring effect on my helplessness.

“Yes, I have few books but…” I answered.

“Ohhkay! I got it” He interrupted. “Now let’s go to canteen and have something. After that I will help you out collecting notes, books and other materials. Nobody has achieved anything by staying hungry…okay!” he said with the same broad smile on his face.   

Now, that was unbelievable!! How did he know that since morning I haven’t had anything? But I was silent, bewildered.

“Come on…Don’t think much. What’s your name….?” and he got up from his bench and held my hand which I was using repeatedly to wipe out my tears and drag me to walk with him towards canteen….!!

The rest was history!!

At canteen, we had some snack and I told him what was happening with me. In the mean time, we came to know that he was from a place not very far from my home. After that he gave all the Xerox copies of the important notes and books he had, arranged some books for me also. He assured me that he would visit my place and help me understand some difficult portions…especially, SPECTROSCOPY. He kept his promise. Within two months, I had worked hard. During exams, we wished best of luck to each other.

During result day, we again met. I was happy as I had scored well…keeping my track record, FIRST CLASS. Obviously he had scored much more than me. We went to canteen and the TREAT was from me. There I came to know, he was joining a job. We wished each other Best of Luck for our future life. Little did we know that, that was our last meeting?

With Life, our addresses changed so also our destinies. I wish we should have mobiles, Whataap of FB those days. We would have in contact with each other then. But I don’t know…where he is now. Don’t even know if he remembers me or not. But the #MagicOfWarmth in his help and support I had from him at one of my most critical time…always rings within me and will remain so…forever!!


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  1. Some people come as God sent help and remain in our memories forever :) Nice tale.