Sunday, February 12, 2017

Unconditional Blessing, Makes Life Less Frictional!!


Look at this flower and its smile,
It was sent to me from by my Teacher

From His Mobile
My Teacher Bala Sir (Bhagirathi Bal)
Standing on the terrace,

Might have thought
Looking at these beauties in the flower pot
To take the photos and send them to some
As a mark of his love, wishes and blessings
When I think...that he remembered me that moment

I was also The One among the List!!
I felt so amazing!!

Truly a feeling Devine!!

To be in his "Blessing list "as one

Made my Life truly blessed & blissful one!!!

In Life, Blessings work as lubricants making it less frictional...I feel.
I am one of those fortunate who is blessed unconditionally by my elders, teachers and people I met in the course of my life.

Gratitude Sir...
For being so unconditional and loving towards us. You are one of those teachers who students cherish throughout their live!!
A Dedicated post To My Scholl Tearch Bala Sir ...Bhagirathi Bala

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