Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#CelebratingMomentForMyBlog: When Trust Pays!!


Dear friends, My Blog has hit 1lakh view recently. Within less than two years and less than 150 posts, it’s a biggg thing for me to get such number of hits especially when I had started this journey simply as an alien to this “Blogging World”. To celebrate the moment…I thought I should invite some Esteemed Guests to share/write on it. Here is the first story Shared by the Respected Ratnadip Acharya Sir,@RatnadipAcharya  author of the Books

Paradise Lost & Regained

Life Is Aimless…Unless You Love It
Author Ratnadip Acharya
When Trust Pays

In a long lazy afternoon a deep sense of boredom filled a bird. It looked around for some entertainment when a long line of ants, passing along a mound of foliage arrested its attention. It watched the line of ants carefully. Each tiny ant was following the ant, just ahead of it with complete trust. None of the ants seemed to have ever doubted if it was taken to a wrong place even though their destination was known by none but only the ant leading the line.

The more the bird watched the line of ants the more curious it became.

At last it flew down and sat by the line of ants.

‘Can you spare a few moments for me? I have a very important thing to ask you?’ it asked the ant closed to her.

The ant looked up at her and replied, ‘But you have to spare me soon or else they will go ahead leaving me alone, okay?’

‘Thanks,’ said the bird. ‘I just wanted to know where you are going.’

‘To get food for ourselves,’ replied the ant.

‘What food will you collect?’

‘I do not know.’

‘Where will you go to collect food?’

‘I do not know.’

‘How much time will it take to reach there?’

‘I do not know.’

‘Will you come back by this same route?’

‘I do not know.’

The ant’s natural confident and stock reply confounded the bird.

‘How come are you in this expedition of searching for food when you know nothing about it?’ asked the bird.

‘Is it important to know?’ the ant asked innocently.

‘Yeah, very much. What if your team leader deceives you all? What if it is playing with your trust? What if it is misguiding you? ’

‘What do these words, ‘deceive’, ‘playing with trust’ and ‘misguiding’ mean?’ asked the ant.

The bird thought for a while and asked, ‘Has it ever occurred to you that following the guide ant you may reach a wrong place and land in trouble?’

‘You really use very difficult language. I do not understand half the words you use. What does ‘wrong’ and ‘land in trouble’ mean?’

Hearing the ant’s reply, slowing the bird understood that in the world of ants there was no mistrust, deception & trickery and hence they were completely unaware of these words and their implication.

Then she remembered her sweet childhood days when there was nothing in her life except for love and trust. She would open her mouth with fullest trust and love once her mother wanted to put some food into her mouth. Long back she had lost her mother and with time she had become more cautious and calculative.
For the first time it occurred to her that there was a great lesson to learn from this tiny insect. For the first time she gazed at the line of ants respectfully.

I loved the story. Simple yet so profound!! isn't it


  1. What an insightful story with so many layers. Thank you sharing it. It git ne thinking about my trust issues too.