Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#BergerXp: With Berger-Express Painting, Paint Your Imagination!!!

  #BergerXp: With Berger-Express Painting, Paint Your Imagination!!!  

Being a poet

With a tender and soft heart

My soul

For eternity ramble in the realm

Of Imagination

Now, was it a co-incident?

Or a sync with nature

That let me live moments of Fascination

At a luxurious location

With Berger Express Painting

That has a Punch line

Paint Your Imagination!!

Ahwha!! What an event that day!! Still, I haven’t come out of the excitement!! It was simply Magical!  At Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet....

Seriously Yaar!! I jumped from the bed when I got an email notification from Indiblogger with “Special Invitation” for the “Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet” in the first day itself at Vivanta by Taj Presidency. It was a long time since we had an Indiblogger meet. And having a “Special Invitation” from a Brand like Berge Paints…simply superb!!

The Saturday couldn’t have been better than that on 11th February 2017. It started with my pre-dawn nature visit at my place and ended with gathering lovely moments throughout the day…Magical and Musical Moments at Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet At Vivanta by Taj Presidency, Mystical Sunset at Marine drives and memorable visit at Kala Ghoda Art Festival

A warm welcome by the Staff received me as I Checked in Vivanta By Taj Presidency at noon.  Soon, registering at the event venue and receiving a wonderful Tweeter Badge followed. While meeting and greeting with the fellow bloggers was the norm,   the sumptuous lunch with its enticing spread played the rogue. The Food and ambiance I must say…was fabulous!!

 Who could play a better Compeer for the event than the spontaneously witty and jocular Anoop who never fall short of innovative way to entertain and engross the audiences and to keep bloggers tuned?

We played Musical Chair Yaar…Can You Believe! It was not just musical but magical too as it made us even doing some Egyptian moves as well...

Soon, Mr Chnadranath Banerjee - The Service Head of Berger Express Painting - took the dice and explained briefly the Journey of Berger Paints founded in Year 1960…since years.

Then he introduced us the new concept of painting called “Berger Express Painting “

What is Berger Xpress Painting?
Click Here ...Express Painting!!

In one sentence, it’s the one point solution to all “Home Painting Inhibitions” that often people face while thinking to go for painting their Homes.
Berger Express Painting is a Revolutionize Concept of Home Painting with its Unique Customized Quality Service embedded with Technology and Skilled Painting Professionals. For example…few months back I had renovated my newly brought home. After the revamp work was done, we faced lots of trouble while going for painting.

Even after paying hefty sum on best brand of painting available in the market, we couldn’t be totally satisfied because of unskilled and untrained labor. Had we known about Berger Express Painting service, we would have a Faster, Cleaner and safer painting Experience because they provide “Home Painting Services”   with ultra modern machines and well trained Professionals. Guess…It’s ECONOMICAL also because everything is available within the same cost!! Isn’t it Fantastic!! Of Course Yes...

After refreshment we had most fun activity. To Paint Our Imagination With Berger Paint. MR, Chandranath Banerjee, The Service Head Of #BergeXp demonstrated how to mix primer and shades to get the desired color. What next…we were all with a Canvas, shades, palettes to Paint Our Imagination. Hey…did I tell you Our Team Name Was “Paint Your Imagination”??

Once bloggers given a free hand to sketch their imagination with colours and brushes…what u expect? Awesome paintings as Out Come na….Here they are….he he he.

Wait Cherry on the Top….Our Painting Was adjudged BEST…Yepeeee!!!

Last, it was wrap up time. How can one not admire the Goodies as Return gift….see, aren’t they just LOVELY!!!


It was a wonderful experience. The Lip-smacking food at Vivanta By Taj Presidency, the fabulous ambiance and the Boisterous Bloggers with their roaring excitements….Truly a magical experience altogether!!!  Thank You Indiblogger and Berger Paints India for making our day a wondeeeeeerfuuuul one ! :) :)

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