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FLIPKART’S CHRITMAS GIFT: FLIPKART Li’l STAR – The Biggest Online Kids’ store!!!

FLIPKART’S CHRITMAS GIFT: FLIPKART Li’l STAR – The Biggest Online Kids’ store!!

How many of you will agree with me if I say Flipkart is one of the most sought after e-commerce site with its user friendly  interfaces, variety in choices, discounts or offers and most importantly the great customer services??

Well…I guess many. FlipKarthas really become a household name now. But still it hasn’t stopped itself to come out with new ventures. This time it’s an online store exclusively for kids. Hmm….that’s the sign of a growing venture with innovative ideas. Who knows what else in their cards!! May be an Online Store for Pets or Agrarian Sectors…U never know.
Flipkart is really serious e-commerce brand that always focuses on the needs of changing trends in online shopping in India. This time as a Christmas Gift It has launched its Largest Online Kids store “FlipKart li’l star

I am one of those mothers who always bow down before every demand of their kids. My son “a never satisfied soul” has always something to ask for, no matter whatever he already has.  An eleven year adolescent though he is and though he has developed interest for reading story books (Geronimo Stilton books) these days but toys are still his most favorite things.  One would always find some toy cars or other toy vehicles near his pillow as he never sleeps without saying them GOOD NIGHT. I always wonder when he will come out of the toy world!!!!!
Though I am quite familiar with e-commerce sites and do shopping occasionally but to be honest my cart is actually handled by my son. He does all those searching of the right product and adds them to my cart. To some extent I am bit less enthusiast about shopping on line. But my son…Lord!!  In my cart one would find more toys and kids books than anything useful to me.

When I was informed by a mail from Indiblogger about “#FlipKartKids  indiblogger meet”, with the announcement of  Flipkart ‘s  “Launch of Flipkart Li’l star…India’s Biggest  Online Kids’ Store” , I was really very excited.
There were basically two reasons for my excitements. First….an online store exclusively for kids is really an excellent idea as it would really make online shopping for kids’ simple and hassle free. One place and you get everything as per your need (age wise, choice wise…etc) is really a great idea.

Second…though I am quite a beginner in blogging world and comparatively new to the Indiblogger platform, but my previous experiences with indiblogger is really awesome as I always find  a bit of “homeliness and fairness”  in their activities. So no way I could have missed it.

Blue frog a luxurious pub in Lower Parel, Mumbai was the venue for the ““#FlipKartKids indiblogger meet”. One has to admire the interiors, the cozy pods, the ambiance, the food, the extensive offerings of drinks and the attentive service staffs of this small, stylish, classy and cozy restaurant. It was my first visit to it. Highly appreciated!!!
After a lavish Lunch the event started with an introductory note both from Indiblogger Team and some bloggers followed by  Chhota Bheem - the most loved Indian Cartoon Character - gracing the occasion by its presence making it adorable as it made bloggers reinvent their childhood and taking selfies with it with all those childish etiquette.
The event then proceeded with a session by Kalpana Behara – The Successful Parent Blogger (MyLittle World) – speaking about her blogging story. She was really inspiring as I could (I hope every mother would have connected with her) really connect with her flip-flops of the story.
Kalpana Behera
Then the event was followed by an insightful panel discussion focusing on what parents look for while shopping online for their kids.  The panel involved Experts from kids brands such as Disney, Mattel,Chhota Bheem and Flipkart.

It was really an awesome session loaded with immense insights
On e-commerce and its Changing Trend,
Its success so far -as an established brand
Rishi Vasudev and Panchali from Filpkart team; Seema Chawla from Mattel and Bharath from Chota Bheem team and Disney  
Its resourcefulness – mainly in curetting products with ample of choices and delivering products and living up to the customer’s satisfaction
Its challenges – In terms of Sizes of Clothes and shoes and making swift service delivery
It’s Future Endeavor – Making online shopping simpler and hassle free and curetting products for parents who have “differently able children”.

There was an Ad – Mad game where bloggers were grouped into five teams and were asked to make a skit for advertise for at least 5 to 10 products chosen from “Flipkart Kids’ store”. Though our Team couldn’t outperform others to win prizes but I must say it was an amazing experience.

The Event concluded with the musical notes from none other than Indiblogger’s own Rock band “Blunder in the code”.

We are living in an ever changing world where choices, preferences become outdated fast with new things in sight. As a mother to a demanding child I know how difficult it is to run malls to malls, shop to shop finding things of his choices, keeping pace with his changing needs and picks.  Sometime it’s also a big problem for gifting kids in the family who stay away from us in distance places. To know their choices, online shopping is surely a great idea as the things are displayed in a virtual sky making them chose even if we have a great geographical distance.

With a concept of making an online store exclusively for kids…I think Flipkart again established itself as a BRAND that is much ahead of its peers.

It was really a great Saturday on 19th December spent with mom bloggers seating in cozy pods of a lavish restaurant in heart of Mumbai. It was really delighting to meet again Mayuri, Jhil Mil, and Anu and met Versha (from Sanpada) as a new friend…Read her post here.  

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the collections in Flipkart Li'l Start - The Biggest Online store In India" To gift your children something amazing... this Christmas!!
Wish you All Marry Christmas!!!
Happy Christmas!!  

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