Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Moments Need Our Attention and Care!!

Happy Moments Need Our Attention and Care!!

This Morning...while having my morning tea with a fresh mind, I decided to remember one good thing which I did, saw, happened to me or anything as such that had made me most happy....in the last week. Initially, to be honest nothing came to my mind immediately. after trying bit hard then The first thing that I remembered was "The bed time talk" with my son who told me the story of Perky Jackson and few jokes along with it and The time I spent with my friends last Tuesday...typically “fun and Foodwala” were the happiest moment!!

I wonder...Had it been about bad times...would it bit quicker and easier to remember?

Maybe, I guess...a Big YES!!

Because, “bad times” have a stronger invading power and raid the mind the moment they happen than “good times” which are slower and weaker to draw attention even if they happen to be of same intensity.
That's how we live our days...without noticing Happy moments more often!!
Ugly moments never look for our Attentions but Happy Moments Do!!
For Ugly moments... Like adults are capable enough not only to draw our attention, in fact quite compelling to let us notice them but also their taxing impact stay for long even after the moments are over

But Happy Moments...like children need our conscious attention, care and absolute nurturing to be noticeable as well as let them have longer positive impact in our lives amidst the twists and turns of it....

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