Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dreams:Toothy Smile

I was walking on the lane when the laughter of these two kids caught my attention amidst the cacophonies of vehicle passing every moment on the road. They were playing with the bike parked…riding on it. Their parents (mothers) were selling vegetables on the pavement. I couldn’t stop myself catching those moments. While taking the picture I casually asked, “You love bikes na...Right!!”
The smaller one nodded happily while the bigger one said that he loves bikes veryyyy muchhh. When he will grow up ...he will be like Kohli(Virat Kohli) and buy a Bike...

bhi sapne to sapne hain...
I prayed God...please bless these kids and their dreams.

Meanwhile their parents were panicked with the slightest sight of NMMC or if any NMMC officials as a drive going on removing roadside hawkers But seems these kids r not afraid of the Bike having NMMC sign on its Headlight Area.
Ignorance is Bliss…true!!

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