Sunday, April 23, 2017

#MoreIndianThanYouThink: Eileen Destiny!!!

The vivacious EILEEN DESTINY  
I don’t have an overseas traveling experience so far. So, for my part I never have experienced any personal encounters with people residing/inhabitant in/of other countries, the earth beyond the geographical boundaries of my country, India.

Recently, however something happened and I met someone, quite a stranger who made me feel that sometime they are #MoreIndianThanYouThink


Since last few months I have stirred up one of my long suppressed passions…i.e. Photography. I do a hail lot of nature photography these days that mostly includes sun rises, sun sets and flowers. Every morning, I update my FB TimeLine with some photos along with few lines as Good Morning Message. Need not to say, I get enough likes and I have developed few regular readers too.

One fine day, I got a message on FB messenger from a girl asking me about a restaurant at my place. It was from Eileen Destiny who I didn’t know or I can say I hadn’t noticed her reactions and comments to my FB posts till then. She had been a constant admirer of my Flower photography and is a regular reader of my updates.

I was excited as I checked her profile and came to know that she was from Singapore. I gave her all the details about the restaurant she had asked about and then asked her, as a courtesy though, that if she would visit my place anytime, I would like to meet her.

Guess what??

After two day, I got a message again from her…


I’m coming to your place tomorrow for a Business meeting. How about meeting U. Can you make it…let me know!!


I was excited and bit confused at the same time. I was scared to meet a complete stranger that to a foreigner. I was apprehensive too thinking what impression she might have about India and Indians. Nevertheless, I asked one of my friends to accompany me and finally we went to meet her at a restaurant.

In India I found my Destiny…That’s why I have suffixed Destiny to my name, said the vivacious Eileen as we gradually went on talking after exchanging the initial pleasantries

I was amazed when she told us how in India finally she found her purpose of life. A spoilt tom boy since her childhood, she had left Singapore, her Country, to Australia at her early twenties. She had always been an entrepreneur in her heart and followed the same dream after her education. On her early thirties she became a successful entrepreneur but at the cost of her own health and mind. The stress she had gathered while facing/overcoming challenges, the betrayals from her surroundings, the inevitable helpless times, and the acute business loses at times had taken a toll on her body ruining it to the core.

Incidentally six year back, she had visited India for a business deal. And after that…her life took a positive turn with healing, positivity and happiness. She has visited many countries, for travelling overseas is the nature of her business, but its India that made her feel the Second home.

I had never expected that she might know India so much in detail. In fact more than an Indian. Not only places…that included some interior parts and villages, but she knew many cultures, tastes and festivals of India.  The Indian way of life, food and clothing those are as diversified as trees in a dense forest, and this girl was knowing them as if she had been born and brought up here…isn’t it amazing!! Even I can’t claim so much of knowledge about India Yaar. And, you know what, she even knows the language…yeah…I mean she can even understand (though a little) Marathi too.

I mean…I am really feeling inarticulate to express my amazement that I felt in those few hours knowing that someone could be #MoreIndianThanYouThink It was just incredible!!!
But then...that makes me feel How Great My India as A Country is...a nation truly pluralistic having plethora of diversified cultures yet...a beautiful landscape on the earth.
Like Lufthansa Airlines....

A perfect journey starts with a heartfelt “Namaste”.

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  1. YES, Sometimes people like Eileen Destiny know much more about India and are respectful much more to our specialities than we Indians.