Thursday, May 4, 2017



Expectation is a strong belief system within us that makes us assume that something will come to us or something will happen...
It’s true that we can never find a world which is "absolutely expectation free". We expect from our life, the people around us and our surrounding.....most of the time inadvertently though. I feel...with every layer of expectations, we lose something within us. I mean every expectation comes with a cost of making a small dent in us...a kind of void, a kind of hole. That’s why “The more we expect, the more we become poor and miserable”. However, it’s not easy to stop expecting but we can consciously reduce them especially
the layers which are not necessary for our struggle for survival!! At least, we can shed the Unnecessary Expectations!!  


Shedding few layers of expectations, sure a better way of feeling happier and wealthier!!

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