Thursday, January 19, 2017

Music is Life - That is why our hearts have beats!!

As a kid once I heard elders saying- though can’t remember exactly when – that “Music Can Move Mountains”. Is it so?? I was certainly mystified since my tender mind was unable to understand the literary depth of those words.  But surely I fell in love with Music from that instant, may be the first impulse being “the innocent curiosity” like OHhh!!!…How biiiig must be the Music is!!!”

Well, little did I know that something that had came to my life through the corridor of ingenuousness and inquisitiveness, over the years would become the best thing in it? In fact it will be difficult for me to explain if “I have been a part of Music or Music has become a big part of me”. However, both ways the fact remains the same.

From those babyhood days of limpidness, I remember…I used to wake up to the sounds of “Mandir Ki Ghanti – The Bells Of Temples” followed by the morning chanting of the verses (Mantras)  that used to come through a loud speaker – faintly but clearly though – around 4.30 am in the morning. The Music was quite invading through me even though I was lost in the sound sleep at the last stage of night. May be that was my first exposure to any kind of music. Eventually I was almost addicted to those rhythms so much that it would wake me up automatically by that time.

With the flow of time things changed. From Radio to Tape Recorder to VCR to TV and now smart phones. Ipods or you tubes, the sources of music changed but my passion for it never changed, in fact over the years it only grew up exponentially.

Music has been a constant companion of my life the way hearts beat are. In any stage…as a stressed student for exams or an anxious schoolgirl for results, a thrilled teenager for future imaginings or a disgruntled adolescent for fretful apprehensions, as an elated would be bride to an excited expecting mother…almost all the emotions of my life, at different stages, I have lived every moment through the music.

Happiness or dimness, euphoria or despair….music has always been the soul of me, a big part of me!!!

When you are unhappy, then music is good because it smoothens your heart, heals your emotions and uplifts you….Kahlil Gibran

These days…Life is really tough. I’m no less than a multitasking human machine. Yeah!!Human machine. “So-many-things-to-be-done-at-a-time” is the veracity of life today, no matter we like it or not.  If anyone takes an X-ray of my mind and I’m sure one will not find the demarcation line between different things that might be appearing as if entangled with each other. That’s the real problem why often I feel as if I’m robbed of all my energy. Things are so much intermingled that it leaves me almost exhaust At times. Then I look for my fuel to get back to life with renewed energy and thrill. And The Fuel of my life, Music helps me always to do so as it enters into every nerve of me rejuvenating them from within and pushes me to get back to life.

The body is the musical instrument; the soul is its player. It exists even after the body is destroyed, writes Steven J Rosen


When life sulks, I listen to music, Its only Music Rocks!!!

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