Monday, January 16, 2017


Dear Truth
With you, I want to have a conversation
Yes, for it you may not have an intention.
It is no Banter or Chatter
Though, to you it doesn't matter.
Nobody can exercise any right on you
Though you allow to be close you only a few.
It’s my Earnest request
Listen to me for once,
Some painful and hurtful thought,
That sends my heart to a grieving trance.
Why Truth, Why are you so Bitter and Tough?
Why before you the Entire Universe is scared to laugh?
Why does your name terrify human animal?
Why does your presence ring a warning bell? 
From dawn To Dusk
From Beginning to End
From Life To Death Everything is inseparable from you, Truth, my friend.
You are the source, you’re the final word,
From creation to destruction, everything is in your ward.
Still silly Humans, Make Futile Effort
To keep themselves away, from you …Dear Truth.
Even with the utmost effort and strength,
No one can encounter you, naked and blank.
How to muster the required courage to stand
before your mighty being and impassive Face?


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