Sunday, November 20, 2016

WOW: My Best Birthday Ever

I’m really happy With This Prompt and felt like it was actually intended to me to write on it…seriously!!


On 14th November…I have my Birth Day!!


This Year too it came with all those sweet wishes on its way

It started with a surprise Bday cake and Flower bouquet

From none other than my adorable Hubby and Cool Dude lad

At the struck of mid-night while fallen asleep was the entire world


The morning started with syrupy kisses over my forehead

As my Hubby and Son cuddled me with their lovable embraces

The phone rang that time and I picked it up

God Bless You Beta…said my adoring Mom


While I opened up the my window to see the Rising Sun

The Rays fall on me saying you are the BEST one

And the autumn breeze while caressing my curls

Made me feel like I’m the Princess of This Cosmos


As the day Proceeded, it was full with blessings and wishes

From family, relatives, friends and acquaintances

All my social media handles were abuzz with notification

Face Book, Tweeter, SMS or WhatApp with Bday celebrations


The day had brought with surprises one after one

I was awe-struck when I was wished by Nana Patekar

The Queen I felt like to be admired by the entire earth

A Mini-Celebrity I became in my small world


This Year, My Bday was really so special,
As it brought with it lovely wishes and surprises abuzz in my world!

This was The Best Ever Bday, I must Say
Make some more alike in future, To Almighty I pray !!!

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