Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Fear, I Fear No More!!

A Fear, I Fear No More!!

Once a timid I scared of New Things
Would dreaded to handle them with natural spirit
But with time I leant “new things” are no Ghosts
As they refined my possession which I love most 

The “New Places” too terrified me often
As uncertainty and ambiguity would reign on me
But with time I learnt, the New Places often bring
A new definition of Life towards many things

The new Situations and Circumstances in life
Often frightened me as the worst nightmares
But with time they taught me about courage
That defined my soul with glittering layer

If there is a Fear in You
It means, Courage is there by default too
We must Face Our Fears with utmost faith
To bring out the audacity in us as life’s grace

While trailing life with its unusual twists & turns
I conquered my Fears and evolved as a Fearless Queen
Once the Fears which had dreaded me day and night
A Fear, I Fear No More now, as they’re scared of ME

Life is the co-existence of opposite things
And Living is dealing them with guts & wits
It’s the harmony of Laughter and Tear
And the concurrence of Courage and Fear

P.S: I had a Pathological fear of New Places, New Things, and Situation and Circumstances in life which is called Neophobia/ Xenophobia. Also I dreaded Darkness and the imagination of possible dangers associated with it though not that intense in degree. The morbid Fear of Dark is called achluophobia, nyctophobia or scotophobia. With time I learnt to handle them and found out that actually our Fears are there to bring out the Best in Us.  So For me A Fear, I Fear no More….Now as I learnt how to deal with them!!

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  1. Yes, life is all about acceptance of opposites and moving ahead.

  2. Yes, life is all about acceptance of opposites and moving ahead.