Friday, November 25, 2016

A Tribute To #26/11 #MumbaiAttack Matyres & Victims

A Tribute To #26/11 #MumbaiAttack Matyres & Victims
That day,
They might have left their home without any thought
Not knowing that they would never come back
While devil had prepared to play the bloody game...

For some, their wait for their loved ones never did end
I agree that Life is all about Unpredictability
But #26/11 #MumbaiAttack is a blemished tattoo in the face of humanity
For, some innocent souls never deserved to become sudden casualties
My Heartily Tribute To Those Martyres and Suddenly depated souls
Thoush I know, my heart doesn't have enough to Console their dears of Victims


Image Source; Twitter #Hastag #MumbaiAttack

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