Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Calling: A Review

I have a strong believe that in our lives we don’t meet people without a reason. Also I believe in Past life Connections too with some; else why our hearts connects with them like that of a mobile phone which instantly connects with the available wi fi in its vicinity?

Well, I could hardly believe the fact that an author would care so much for the readers of her/his book. Author Priya Kumar broke that perception of mine. I was overwhelmed when I received the author signed copy of the Book “The Calling” along with an Author’s note in my name and a Coffee Mug. It was awesome!!


I immediately passed perfunctory glances to it. While crunchy English, vivid narratives engrossed me immediately, the storyline seemed to be intriguing too. What more interesting was, each line appeared to be a quote in itself. Even if I acclaim myself as an avid reader, I am an acutely choosy one too. I mean, unless the book absorbs me crazily, I would get weary of it quite effortlessly. The Calling - is one that immediately gripped me at the beginning itself.

However, after reading few pages, series of unwanted things happened in my life which made me keep it aside in my bookshelf for months, half read. Nevertheless, now I regret why I didn’t read it during those days. It would have lubricated my upsetting mind and distressing spirit. Well, once I started again, believe me, with each word I was thrillingly immersed with a magical surge, marvelously lost in a fancy land.

The Calling: The Story

I have never travelled to Himalayas in my life. So with a classic befuddled protagonist – Arjun - who is as common as me, you or anyone from my surrounding having same set of questions, more or less similar situations and matching outlook towards life – messed up life in short - exploring Himalayas and looking for the answers and reasons for the occurrences life while travelling along serene and strange mountains of Himalayas was a virtual adventure in itself. Moreover the accompanying Character Chandu was a contradictory one to the main character giving a subtle essence of the story that while we carry our “wrecked being” suffering the muddle and chaos we create for ourselves, we also carry the “peaceful being” in ourselves lying within us who is the healer of our own wounds. Answer lies within us, healer lies within us. All we need to do is to take an inward journey. Introspect!!

What I like about The Book:

Thrill, mystery, simple observations with profound lessons and an implicit adventure are the quintessential spirit of this book “The Calling”.  Author Priya Kumar not only knitted it in an unruffled, tranquil yet entrancing premise but also composed its flow with cogent words embedded with succulence. The chapter “The Second Test” was really an eye-opener for me though I like each and every line of the entire book. The characters and places are well placed; plotted and detailed. It’s truly one of the best motivational books as it invariably made me encounter with my own spiritual self deeply slumbered within me. Indeed a great Spiritual Thriller!!

Gratitude To Author Priya Kumar for authoring such a inspirational book loaded with soul enlightening insights. And highly appreciated the effort of the Team Priya Kumar to choose me as a reader of it…nothing happens without a reason for Priya Kumar @kumarpriya  quotes in the Book The Calling that…  

“If someone occupies your space, he or she occupies it for a reason. And that reason must serve you, him or her and the world at large. If it is in your place, then it is your responsibility to know who is in your space and what role they are playing in your purpose”

How True!!

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