Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Joy of Giving: You Get Much More In Return What U Actually Give

I always make it a point to give something to people around me whatever in my capacity in any time, particularly at the time of Diwali though. It’s Not exactly Giving but for sharing joy and happiness. Moreover in my grown up years I have been taught that we must share things if we do have ability to afford. My father used to say that there is nothing like Charity because; because charity is just a “Social Responsibility”. The way an elder or more resourced brother shares/helps his siblings, the same way, it’s our social deliverable. After all siblings don’t do charity while helping each other.

This year, just before few days of Diwali, I was walking down the lanes where diyas, rongolis and other decorative materials were on spread by small vendors. I buy my Diwali stuffs from them. Since  few months I have developed photography as a hobby.  So I was taking clicks also.
That day I was at a pavement where few ladies were selling Diyas. I was taking picture when I saw a little girl was posing herself again and again before my cell phone. She was really amusing. To make her happier, I brought a Cadbury celebration pack from a nearby chemist shop and gave it to her. One should have seen her ecstasy. Beautiful!!!  I wanted to take her picture but soon her curve disappeared as her brothers came and took it from her. I thought; let me take the picture of the trio. But she didn’t show me a happy face.

I understood. That’s what childhood is, isn’t it?   I brought another Cadbury Celebration Pack for her. She was apprehensive initially and didn’t pose with her brothers (Did she think, they will take it again?). Only when she was convinced that no one was going to take it from her, she was elated once again. Her mother said her “Titili, Thank U Bolo”. But she said me Bye Bye with her toothy smile. I wanted to record her smile but till then few people had started looking at us. I felt bit self conscious and took pics whatever was possible and swiftly walk away from that place.

But her Toothy smile and Totli jawan saying bye bye still rings in my ear. Every time it brings a big smile on my face as I remember it.  I love chocolates, no doubt, but had I eaten up those two Celebration packs by myself, I swear I wouldn’t have been as happy as I am now.

Truly, the Joy of Giving is beyond any comprehensible unity; because it returns us with an exponential form of what we actually give along with the abundance of happiness and a sense of being Human.
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