Sunday, November 22, 2015

My 3 favorite words: GOD, MOMENTS AND MIRACLES!!

This week’s WOW prompt by Blogadda is really amazing.  
My 3 favorite words and why!

Without a second thought let me say The Three Magical Words that always keep me positive and keep me going at every stage of my life right from my childhood are GOD, MOMENTS AND MIRACLES.


I have a very strong faith on God. I don’t know when and how I learnt to have belief on HIM. In my babyhood days, I used to wonder how God keeps an eye on me because I was said that “God sees everything”. Then I thought May be he is Invisible.

But with passage of time I realized that there is something supernatural surrounds me like a protective layer. I’m not the lone traveler of my Life path. HE is a constant companion of me no matter if HE is discernible or not.
I’m not religious at all. But I believe in spirituality. I always felt a DIVINE presence in my life. With some celestial interventions at some point of time of my life that saved many “could have been worst things” only strengthened my trust on HIM.

God is not just a word for me. It’s a life source of positivity, security and unconditional love and support. Whatever I think, do or feel…at the end of the day I convey them to God and I go to bed without anything in mind. That’s been my life always.


Of late I understood that Life is all about “MOMENTS - Good or Bad, Not so Good or Not so bad”. I am a stern believer of the line “Life can Change at any Moments”. “Moments” make me realize that “Change is inevitable and Change is the only constant” and the critical Truth of Life.
In good times the thought of “moments” keeps me grounded as the caution whispers come from within that “this will pass away” and in bad times it keeps my “Flame of Hope” lighted as the inner voices echoes…”even this will pass away”. It helps me make distance with Arrogance, pride, helplessness or hopelessness.

“Moments” change with a drop of eyelids. That makes me stick to the life the way it is in that “Moment”.

The last word is


I believe in miracles…don’t know why. Even if I’m quite practical and understand that “without action there is no fruit” but still I believe Miracles can happen even if there is no action from my side. Because I always feel that there are some equations going in universe that is beyond my comprehensions and understanding. Certain things are surely beyond human control or limit. Sometime I do feel something “wonderful phenomenon” should happen when everything goes out of my hand. And they happen. I don’t know how.

Say them Celestial conspiracy or Divine Interventions…Miracles happen at the most opportune time. That’s why I believe in Magic of Miracles.

I accept it as a Truth of life that, if someone believes in God and His Miracles and understands the fact that “Life is a pack Changed Moments” then nothing is going to affect him/her. Life will become a wonderful Journey even if there are unknown trails. Fear, anger, despair or any sorts of negative attribute takes a backshift if one has Trust on God, His Miracles and The truth of Life that “every Moment is destined to change”.

When You Have the Faith on God
Within Moments Things would Change
Miracles Happen….!!!

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  1. Great post, I believe in miracles too!

    1. Hi Alok...Thank u for your appreciations.
      Yes...Miracles are reality!!!
      Tina :)

  2. Tina, this is an amazing post. I had no time to post this weeks WOW but had 'Miracles' in my mind when I saw the prompt. You spoke my heart. I have witnessed many unbelievable miracles from the time I looked up to God. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. :) :) :)
      Sarah...I always feel Miracles are realities beyond my comprehensions. Thanks that you enjoyed it.
      :) :) Tina