Thursday, November 26, 2015


When terror Struck, Humanity is the first Casualty. Peace and Harmony Become Orphans.  

The lifeless bodies in Paris Might be resting in peace
The stillness of graveyards resonating in them
But The World is struggling yet to come out of shock,
From Nightmares of Terror, agony and intense pain

The innocent souls in restaurants, stadiums and concerts,
Perhaps having their last share of Fun and Smile on the earth
Unaware of the Chase of Devils to make them silent
With a scripted sordid saga of slaughter and Bloodbath

It is really a terrible nightmare to wake up to a world
Where an ardent effort is made to prove God Wrong
HIS claim that “Humans” are HIS best Creation
As HE blessed them with “Hearts” that are filled with love
I really wonder… from where on earth or entire Cosmos
They outsource so much hell of hatred in them
To execute mindless killing of innocents and naïve
And cheer in the midst of whimpers, cries and pool of Red

What chill and thrill they get by making lively bodies still
In the name of God, Religion and such Doctrines
May be God finding it hard to hide his Tattooed Face
Carved with “Sanguine Fluid” from piercing bullets with blood stains

Is this why they are sent on this earth here...I wonder
To break the law of Humanity without Fear
To hear those Mother’s sobs, weeps with tears
Tap, clap and dance to the Devil’s song of Cheer?

I really fall sorts of words to express my grief
As my heart gone hollow with the brutal inhumanity
But My Soul has the Strength to combat the sin and vice
And defeat the Purpose of Devil’s effort of Barbarity
I have the weapon of “Love” in my heart and Mind
To win over their hatred and To Silence their Guns
To make them realize that they’re in “Lost Paths”
And Hatred has never served God’s any Purpose

Peace is what we all always want on Earth
As it makes the world blissful and Heavenly abode
World becomes a beautiful place to live and breathe
When Flag of Peace remain unfurled with Love

God has given all Humans a Divine Grace
The Chamber of “Heart” blessed with eternal Love
So that no one should disgrace the Human Race
And spoil the divinity of Earth and heaven above

Let’s not bow down before a few lost souls
With sunken consciousness and sick minds
To ruin our Lives and instill it with Fear of terror
Only to Claim that they’re enemy of mankind
Our Strength Grows When We Dare
Our Unity Grows When We Pair
Our Conviction Grows When We Share
Our association Grows when we Care

Let’s Be United at this Dark Hour of Chaos
Let’s Tirelessly Speak about Peace, harmony and Love
Let’s prove them that Harmony still Exist on Earth
Let’s Diligently Practice Them as a Mark
Let’s gather the broken pieces of Courage and hope
Let’s tell them...

As Many times they would tatter "Peace into pieces" to vanish it from Earth
We would assemble the “Pieces of Peace” to bring it back
Even if their untiring effort to reap us apart
We would “live In Peace and Not in Pieces”

Most of the problems of the world can be solved easily with love and compassion. But it seems that a set of people have lost their trust and conviction in these celestial qualities and have downcast themselves lower in the scale of consciousness. They have come under the Devil’s clutch and have embraced hate and violence.
Only Love Win Over Hate. Each and every one of us needs to think, speak and act with love and only love, and this will enable a collective consciousness to work for universal gain. We live in a World of  vibration that responds to our vibrations, and if were to believe the law of attraction, and we see acts of violence, it must be true that at some level the world is vibrating with negative emotions, and we are unknowingly inviting these things into our consciousness.

 It has been often said that even one evolved, compassionate soul is equal to a thousand unawakened souls. If this is so, then it is our duty to rise in love, and act with love. This will fill universal consciousness with so much love that there would be no place left any longer for hate and violence. And The earth will be Ruled By Peace, Harmony And Love.

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