Monday, November 23, 2015

SPINNING CONTENT – WRITING FOR THE WEB: A Creative Writing Work Shop by BlogAdda

Your Creativity is the only place where no one can ever be!!
I had read this line in one of the chapters of the book “Who will cry, when you will die” By Robin Sharma.

With the advent of digital media, mobiles, ipads, kindles have taken the place of books and papers for the purpose of reading. So there is a need for effective and creative content writing.

Online writing is not easy as reading something online is much different from reading it in print. There are many issues involved like concentration, distractions…etc as well as if there are any typo-errors, grammatical mistakes; lengthy paragraphs….that distract a reader reading the texts in web.

 Also now days as everything is now in digital form so there are an increasing demand for Web Content writers as well. So it is very important to know the technicalities and “do’s and don’ts” of Writing for The Web.

On 20th November 2015, BlogAdda had organized a Creative Writing Workshop for content Writing for Web, #SpinningTheWeb workshop at #SMWMumbai

The Speaker was Parineeta Mehra . Apart from being sweet, soft spoken and friendly, Parineeta Mam was quite smart in engaging the participants.

First she made us play a game of “six word story about your Partner”. We were given an A4 size paper to fold it in the middle along the Length. Then write name on it and in the four corners draw four things (without any word) about Native Place, Favorite Food, Hobbies and after five years where you see yourself.

Then we were grouped with four participants in each group, discussed our meaning behind our drawings. Then introduced our partner only with “Six Words”. That was really amazing.
The following Tips were discussed in the work shop that are vital for a digital media content writer to be effective and creative in writing for web. We were asked to make charts of those points.

The Points are:

  • The content should be concise and simple and to the point for target reader.
  • The content shroud be relevant and contain topics that are trending (Hastags), that are freshest, hottest and most talked about
  • The content should be well researched and include the “Key words” for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The objective of the content should be clear and written in simple language. So that even an average person can read and understand.
  • The content should be free of errors that include spelling, grammar and typography. Help of language tools can be taken for that purpose.
  • While writing content use of short forms e.g. asap, lol..Etc should be avoided.
  • Words are power…true but only when they written properly, rightly and effectively. One should never settle for anything less than amazing and powerful words.

The participants also discussed about how writing is a way of life. One should carry a notepad every time to capture ideas and write whatever comes to mind at that point only. It amazing that some participants also discussed about some paper apps which work as a digital dairy. For example, Skitch,  GoogleKeep, Infographics…etc I’m yet to explore those apps.
It was really an amazing workshop that helped me learn new things, connect with new people and explore the world of Web Content Writing. 

In the Second Part of the day I attended Social Media Week, Mumbai 2015. #SMWMumbai. To read my Post on it CLICK HERE

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