Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain Drops, Fun and Flood Gates of Nostalgia!!

Rain Drops and Flood Gates of Nostalgia!!
Drip Drip Drip musical Raindrops
Rain pawns Paper boats Puddles colorful Umbrellas  
Rainwater Fun Floodgates of Nostalgia. 

With rains we all have our own memory lane. We all grow along with the rain filling out the scrapbook of our life with colorful drizzly memories so passionately collected over the years somewhat innocently and sometime unknowingly.

I never knew when I started loving rains so much. Every time it would always take me with a nostalgic ride to those beautiful moments. The quiescent memoirs become vivid with the falling drops from heaven as if they are transformed into self illuminating objects. And the curve on my face would get wider without my notice as I trail deep into the fantasy land with a divine melody that would hold my soul and heart together.
But this time (I thought) the journey would be different. Call it nature’s fallacy or human’s erroneous belief the initial delay of monsoon was somewhat striking the mind more than heart.

The panic of possible draught was somewhat making me more realistic. I was in fact praying to the intransigent rain God to shade his anger and have some mercy of forgiveness to the ignorant but adamant humans and bless the earth with his precipices.
Finally Monsoon came as it was destined to come how hard it may try to remain missing at all.

On a leisurely showery afternoon as my eyes struck through the window with the drip, drip, drip, falling rain drops, I felt as if even the rain drops were eager to fall down on the earth.

 Is it a homecoming for them…I wondered!!

The sheer drops were looking like competing among themselves to reach the ground first and become a lookalike of a pawn (chess) for a while before sliding into the ground.
It reminded me numerous war games with these rainy pawns that I had played with my siblings and friends. Little did I know then that the drops these are but today they appeared as if they are connecting earth with the heavens??

 I could remember my delightful gestures and twinkling eyes looking at the increase level of Rivers, ponds and other water bodies with every shower of rain, but today I understood that the fullness that comes with rains is the supremacy of blessings in life.

Looking at the puddles my glances were automatically pointed out to my static feet that were once wildly stomping in puddles, clapping around, splattering water and playing in the mud completely drenched with high spirit of delightfulness. Now I understand that happiness comes with limitlessness and freedom….sometime going untamed.

The dancing peacocks to the melody of pitter patter raindrops
Magical aura of rain kissed emerald vista of beauty of mother earth
Under the canvas of white and grey vapors
The dim fading sunlight dribble through the hazy clouds
The rhythm of downpour on the cradle of hills,
The whistling farmer ploughing on the fields  
The dripping droplets from the green leaves…
All remind me those days of fun and blissful time.
With rain..it makes me feel that the child in me is still alive
Neither the Rain changed itself nor did the soul in me ever grow up!!