Sunday, July 12, 2015

A missed connection not a lost one..!!

In a heavily crowded railway platform,
The train was about to make tracks,
And hoots - the signaling horn at its full blast
(As if, other noises are not enough!)...
The weeping soul in me
Was about to run off from that place,

In that moment,
Somebody shrieked suddenly
From a distance,
(Some fifty feet away),
A frenetic name-calling
"Hey T-i-n-a...Just don’t leave me”
And suddenly I turn
Gaping in that direction!
With a blissful smirk on my face!!

(A tone surfaced so distinctively after months...amidst all the dissonance)

Was I really waiting For Someone?
To arrive at least for once
May be
Just before few moments the train leaves?

That was just a missed connection!
But thankfully not a lost one…!!

(A Bitter Fight may lead to a deathly silence for months years or so...but it never disconnects heats and souls)

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