Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Music Is My Life:Music to the soul is what a water bath is to the body!!!

As a kid I heard elders saying “Music Can Move Mountains” ….not particularly remember exactly when.  But surely I fell in love with Music from that instant (may be the first impulse being “the innocent curiosity” (OHhh!!!…How biiiig must be the Music is!!!”)

Well… over the years Music has been the best thing in my life. In fact it will be difficult for me to explain if “I have been a part of Music or Music is a Big part of me”…however both ways the fact remains the same.

From those babyhood days of purity, I remember…I used to wake up to the sounds of “Mandir Ki Ghanti” followed by the morning chanting of the verses (Mantras)  that used to come through a loud speaker something around 4.30 am in the morning. May be that was my first exposure to any kind of music. I was almost addicted to those rhythms so much that I would wake up automatically by that time.

With flow of time things changed. From Radio to Tape Recorder to VCR to TV and now smart phones. Ipods or you tubes…the sources of music changed but my passion for it never changed…..in fact with flow of time it only grew up exponentially.

Music has been a constant companion of my life. In any stage…as a stressed student for exams or an anxious schoolgirl for results, a thrilled teenager for future imaginings or a disgruntled adolescent for fretful apprehensions, as an elated would be bride to an excited expecting mother…almost all the emotions of my life, I have been living through the music.
Happiness or dimness, euphoria or despair….music has always been the soul of me…a big part of me!!!

When you are unhappy, then music is good because it smoothens your heart, heals your emotions and uplifts you….Kahlil Gibran

These days…Life is really tough. I’m no less than a multitasking human machine…yeah...Human machine. So many things to be done at a time… the reality of life today.  Take an X-ray of my mind and I’m sure u will not find the demarcation line between different things. That’s the real problem why often I feel as if I’m robbed of all my energy. Things are so much intermingled that it leaves me almost exhaust sometime. Then I look for my fuel to get back to life with renewed energy and thrill. And The Fuel of my life…Music helps me always to do so.


When life sulk...I always have different play list of songs for different moods and emotions. For getting back to life with a “Tazgy ki Ehsaas” with a TAAZGI KA DHAMAKA my play list depends upon the fact “what made me tired, lost, brood and drained of my energy”

Depending upon the situation I get connected to the different songs. Let me share at least one for every situation.

The body is the musical instrument; the soul is its player. It exists even after the body is destroyed, writes Steven J Rosen

Ever since I heard this song, it’s been in my all time favorite play list. Particularly this one helps me when I suffer from an aching mind with an equally painful body because of the stress that arises from the “hassle of daily core”. Almost every day I listen to this song. It just enters into every nerve of me and rejuvenates me from inside to get back to life.With this song i can say "when life sulk, music rocks"

 Awaara Bhanwara - Sapnay (HD)

This song actually defines me to some extent and how I normally connect to the different source of music!!

Let me say...I never knew when I became a “Kaansen” if not a “Tansen” with the flow of time for Music!! All I want to say is: It's a breath to the life... In the wind passing through me... I hear music!! I hear Music In murmuring of leaves... In the songs of birds... In the waves of sea... In a smile of a child... In the care of my mum... In the shine of sun... In the twinkling of stars... In the sounds of frogs...In the runs of butterfly ....In the colors of rainbow... In the drops of rain...In the dance of peacock...  Music!!

Daru Desi: Cocktail

Imagine those days when we feel lonely (may be temporarily) and nothing seems to excite us. This one is one of my favorites especially when I feel low missing my friends, pals and those days of fun and funky delightful moments. It makes me nostalgic and invigorates the soul. Then with a fresh mind  to get back to the life again!!

Khwabon Ke Parinday: Zindegi Na Milegi Dobaraa

 Zindegy Na Milegi Dobara…is always a movie that is close to my heart. Almost all songs are my favorites. But this one is special because it has a inbuilt sparkle that helps to rekindle the flame of life. Nothing kills u more than the hopelessness. This song helps me revive myself and get ready for the next best thing in life.

Banke Titli Dil Uda: Chennai Express 

Ohh!! This one is a very sweet song. I don’t need to be restless to listen this one. However it helps me glide through a different world, a world of self adoration, dreams and appreciating the beauty of life. More or less it works as that of an extra energy potion that helps me to think beyond life.

Barso Re Megha Megha:Guru

I’m a great admirer of rain and monsoon. I mean with the drip drip…drizzle I feel like as if all my desolation of life wash away. I can’t explain how earnestly I wait for the Rainfall – the shower of blessing every time.The rain drops with flood gates of nostalgia gets the best dancer from me. I dance as if no one is around me. This song often connects me to rain in monsoon as well as in the absence of it. That’s the magic of this song. Not only it compels me to dance to its tune but also It provides me that extra power of imagination, I often need as an aspiring writer.

Beat It:

A person is defined by the fights he/she undertakes in life. Results define the fight but fight defines the person. Sometime, when I meet with my weakness, my ugly moments and my obstacles of life, it makes me almost shrink. It feels like as if I’m at the dead end. I cannot beat the difficult situation. That time this one helps me to get an automatic combat strategy to deal with the adversities and limitations of my life.

Never Say Never:

One day I found this one in my Son’s play list. But I took no time to include it in my favorite play list.

As a human I also feel dejected and done sometime. Certain things make me feel as if I have to stop trying. I feel myself low, less resourced and weak to achieve something or outperform the struggle. After listening to this song, I immediately get freshness in my thought. I get back to life redeemed with lots of energy and vigor with an elevated mental strength!

Khwaja Mere Khwaja

One of the sensual pleasures without vice is music. Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. This sufy song literally takes my soul to connect with Almighty – The source of all Energy. They say... Music is the highest form of meditation and for this song helps me to meditate and get totally surrendered to the Lord of Universe.

You know…heart and soul sometime becomes charge less. We breathe but we are not alive. Happens…it happens with everyone at some point of time. For me the above song from my favorite A.R Rehman helps me to alienate those moments of hopelessness and intense feeling of losing something valuable in life. It not only revitalizes my soul and heart but also fills it with new thoughts, dreams and strength.

For me the Universe is full with Music. Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace and abolishing strife.

Music is one of the greatest creations of human kind in the course of history. It is creativity in a pure and undiluted form and format. Music plays a vital role in our daily life. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions. Music is a way to escape life, which gives us relief in pain and helps us to reduce the stress of the daily routine. It helps us to calm down, an event excites us.

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