Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It all About Fun, Food, Friend....#LiveLodgycal

That day it was raining like anything outside. I was just having my third cup of tea and concentrating myself to write an article on “The Visit – The first Lesbian Ad” when my phone started ringing. I picked it up without seeing “who the caller is”. A male voice in other side said.
Is it Tina Acharya
Yes..May I know who is in Line?
Well.., Im calling from blogadda to inform you that you are one among five winners who have won a trip to Goa in the coming weekend for your entry for #LiveLodgycal contest.
Is It…??? I said in utter disbelief!
Oh! Thank You very Much! I said in a delighted tone
Well…Please confirm me so that we can process your bookings and tickets.
Will you give me some time to decide…? (I was still not sure if I’m really going to Goa)
Yes…you have 15 minutes.
15 minutes!!! Well…thik hai…I will call you back
Thank You…
And Then the phone got disconnected…

In the above conversation if you find a deeply embedded coldness as there are no signs of excitements such screaming, blaring….then you are rightly catching it.
I was not expecting anything like this in my wildest imagination!

Actually let me give a succinct story of how I submitted my entry in the #LiveLodgycal contest at all…You can skip this if u find it little boring!!
(I was just into this platform before few days only…i.e . I had recently started posting in my blog for various contest and activities (like WOW) in it. When this #LiveLodgycal contest was lunched I was sure that I was not going to participate in it.

There were two reasons for that:
One…I was no way excited to go to Goa (Not a very good travel enthusiast)
Two…I don’t have much knowledge on Car /saar…. you know.
However in the month of May my brother had bought a Brand new Renault Lodgy (Royal orchid). The entire family was boasting and lauding about it. That made me feel ( in fact pushed me bit ) that I can surely write on their realistic and sensible reviews.  So in the last day i.e. on 12th June 2015 I decided let’s give it a try. That’s how I submitted my entry)

Well…as I had only 15 minutes to decide if I should go to Goa or not...I quickly shared the news with my Hubby, Mother, brother and some best friends. I was surprised to find that all were unanimous in pushing me to Goa and exploring the event.

That’s what made me to confirm my visit. However, I’m a bit reserve kind of person. Moreover as I was quite new to this “Blogging World” so I was full of anxiety and confusions. In short…I was nervous.

In between…I was receiving mail from blogadda on various preparations for this event. One mail was about the “teaming up  bloggers” who was supposed to attend the event and the teams were supposed to compete with each other while doing activities for the event.

I was surprised with a tweet from Parinitha @knithaurs mentioning all the four bloggers in our group. We were supposed to find a name for our team.

Honestly…that was the first moment I felt  little included…bit kind of familiar type.

It was a weekend trip from 19th June – 21st June. The event was organized by in assiciatiuon with Renault India. I was one among the 40 awesome bloggers who were supposed to meet at Goa. Oh!! That made me little envied by my friends!!

DAY 1 – 19 th June 2015!!

Finally the day came. On 19th June I was supposed to catch the flight to Goa. But what a Rainy day that was!! Heavy rain and water logging in Mumbai was the top trending news that day.

Anyway finally I boarded the flight. And after around one hour I landed in Goa…
Bewilder...not to know where to proceed…I called up Mr.Harish (Hey…Let me tell you Mr.Harish was the person who was all along having all those communications with me regarding information about my journey/event).

I was redirected to the group of Leela Palace Resort representatives with welcome placard to receive us. A group of bloggers were already there. Some of them said Hi… to me also. But honestly I was bit over tensed (given to my phobia to new people and circumstances).

We boarded the coaches. As the it started I was fascinated by the captivating beauty of Goa coupled with raindrops giving me a pleasant feel as I was viewing through the window of bus.

For the First time I met one of my team mates…Miss Parinitha in our suit. She was very friendly. I didn’t actually feel that I was meeting her for the first time in life.
Charismatic Archna Gripping Audience 

For me it was mystery unfolding itself in every step and making feel easy!!! After the day’s tiresome activities I took no time to fall fast asleep in our luxurious suit.

Mesmerizing Morning Shots!! 

Renault India Photo

PERFECTLY #OrganisedChaos

There was so much fun in our chaotic journey. For me they were my most memorable  moments!!!

Finally we reached The Lalit. Again what a property it is!!  We had our lunch there. Then after a while we reached The Leela.

It was simply FUN, FOOD, FRIENDS and Fantastic!!


Random Memories!!1
Writing this piece is like enliven the moment again….!!

I really feel that It was a struck of "Beginner's Luck" for me. As it is said "Nothing Is an Accident" so I Feel I have some more important and significant work for me to be done or to achieve  in future!!

Thank you Ankita Vadhel, Ankita, Susma , Tridip and Harish for making my days so easy out there. You are all really awesome!!!

Thank you Blogadda for managing us so beautifully and Thank You Renault India for giving us a wonderful weekend of our life....!!!

Walking Down the Memory lane!!!

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by in association with Renault India.


  1. Nice one!
    Best part was phone call from blogadda. Believing such a thing and deciding in 15 min is chilling! LOL

    1. Hi Prashant...thanks for visiting!! yes. that's right!! those 15 minutes were really chilling!!!