Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Unspoken pain!!

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If you can hear the whimper  
Of these suddenly amputated trees
Or the sobs of the cut and separated
Branches that are lying under it
I’m sure you can never cut any relationship, abruptly
That might tear and split the hearts
That remains clueless in the other end

Hurt, broken and ruined, unfortunately!!


I know, its a compulsion to cut the wild branches of trees that are grown in and around the human dwelling places given to the risk that the branches can be life threatening at times especially in rainy season when sudden wind and storm is rather expected, but from the point of a TREE,  its one of the most unfair things that's done to it. 
Moreover they are cut suddenly. Isn't in life when we are cut of from some relationships, no matter they are needed or not, we get hurt terribly especially when we are clueless about it?? 
Just Wondered !!!