Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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I thought Life is about chasing your dreams
And having mine, I took the trip and tread ahead
On my way I met up wonderful people
But Alas!! I left them at the back instead                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
The sky was filled with melodies of laughter
And the path was adorned with beautiful things
But I choose to ignore and focus on journey instead
In search for SUCCESS – My cherished dream

The journey was long & with companions few
I stepped at the top, thinking of a splendour sight
Alas! It wasn’t at all the land I had in my view
As it seemed to be the land of torn wind chimes

Bewildered, I stood amidst the barren land
Surrounded by leafless trees and flowerless meadows
Suddenly heard I a mysterious voice from back
 “Why Stupid Girl, Why are you Here?”

For SUCCESS – I knew the answer
But I couldn’t utter it…why I wonder
It seemed as if I Chased an illusion
And lost my natural innocence and laughter
The journey had happiness and sorrow
But I chose not to live them in right measure
I felt, reaching destination would be the first
Then I can live and treasure

I was wrong
Since Life is about living the moments
As success or achievement are not the ends
We must walk together and run slow
To Live, Love and Laugh
As Life has its Natural Charm & warmth.

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