Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Don’t Judge Me Wrong

Once I encountered a person on social media, astute and prudent in literature world, quite aged and gentle too. Because of his age and stature, I couldn’t guess that he might perceive me “in a different way”. It’s not a new phenomenon in virtual world that people, especially men across all age group, develop certain non-platonic feelings, though for a very short time, towards the girls/women.  But for me he was a Surprise since I knew him as a writer since a long time but never had any communication.
That particular day, suddenly he asked me to be a part of his upcoming journal and that’s how we got connected. And then a bag of insanity spilled before me. He wrote so many poems on me and my attitudes...blah blah, blah
Honestly at first it was interesting. But soon I realised what was happening....
I became serious and decided to put a full stop...but I didn’t want to blame him either as I felt, probably I went wrong somewhere....I don’t know if it was correct or not, but I handled it that way that time. Here is the poem I wrote in that particular time....

It started with a Journal...
I wonder where it went abnormal...
It suddenly became so poetic
Giving me little time to think right
I enjoyed the flow, every bit
As I felt the verses came out from a loving heart
Was it because of my weakness to lyrical words?
That made me not realise, I was wrongly judged?
My stupidity is unpardonable
As I allowed things to invade to my personal level
My intentions were never wrong
And I feel, the person on other side too couldn’t be blamed
Probably it’s my mistake that left me felt hurt
Being judged inappropriately by a gentleman, prudent and astute?
Dear Sir, honestly I loved your poetic words
All I wanted to grow in loving care of your world
To be a poet and writer which I aspire
To have my deserving space in the Universe of my share
I was upset but I feel you too was hurt
I take all responsibility, of this incident, ended up  abrupt
I believe, you are not one among those who haunt for girls
To converse inappropriately filthy and dirt
May be your emotions were quite honest and fair
But maybe I am not a girl to be blessed with such care

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