Monday, December 19, 2016

Loving Everything around Us Is Loving Life itself !!

My attention for a moment was caught by this Flower

Though it looked like that of “proverbially familiar”

As since childhood I always had adored her,
For, a classic magnetism in its familiarity, exists there

The next moment I was supposed to ignore her

But I heard a faint but cheery whisper

Saying me, they appear Familiar because

They have made an everlasting place in my mind and heart

Often we ignore beauty, closeness and happiness in familiar things. But they are familiar because they have made a permanent place in us. Appreciate ThemThats what Life is!!


  1. Beautiful message! Appreciating everything around us and learning is life :)

  2. Great message. Often we ignore the wealth that is with us and run behind things that are not ours.

  3. Such wonderful thoughts. They made a place since they were a cut above the rest in the first place!