Friday, December 2, 2016

Life Can Change at any Moment

Trailing the path of life so far one thing I learnt, Life is all about “MOMENTS - Good or Bad, Not so Good or Not so bad”. Those who know me – it’s a repeat - and those who don’t know me let me tell it; MOMENT is one of my favorite words and I am a stern believer of the quote “Life Can Change at any Moment”.
So "Thought of Moments” makes me realize that “Change is inevitable and Change is the only constant thing in the Universe” and the only divine Truth of Life.
 At good times the thought of “moments” keeps me grounded, as the caution/warning whispers come from within that “this will pass away”.  At bad times it keeps my “Flame of Hope” lighted as the inner voices echoes, "even this will pass away”. In both the situations it makes me realize that "impermanence" is the permanent Law of nature or Cosmos. It helps me make distance with Arrogance and pride, helplessness or hopelessness.

“Moments” change with a drop of eyelids. That makes me stick to the life the way it is in that particular “Moment”. Cherish the “Moment you are in” because within a jiffy…everything would change!!

In Odia there is a saying...
Benga Kahe Benguli lo…Mahi Kshyana kshyana Ke Anaa…

World Changes at Every moment!!
Yesterday is gone!
Tomorrow is in imagination!
Today is the Celebration!!!
Live Life The Way It is In That Particular "Moment"