Monday, July 25, 2016

#Colgatemagicalstories: When I had a Trip into the Magical World Of Ocean

The Magical world of Ocean…

I always thought “Creativity” isn’t at all a suitable word for my darling son. He is intelligent, bright and bit more naughty than his peers. He is crazy about gadgets; love to explore the new apps in the virtual world (Yeah, these days quite busy with the PokemonGo), an avid reader and a fanatical fan of “Geronimo Stilton” books.  As a typical Salman Khan fan, he would love stunts more in a movie than the story or the idea. He would imagine himself as one among the Avengers (mostly Tony Stark-The Iron Man) and would have his versions of rescuing the world from aliens. One of his most cherished wish is to become a Power Ranger in SPD (Space Patrol Delta) more for riding those ultra electronic vehicles and weapons than fighting with Grum or any intra galaxial war...

Little did I know that he had a wonderful imagination of weaving stories and exploring the oceans? As I registered for the #colgatemagicalstories I had an idea to make him bit creative. But I was taken aback by his stories….

Read his story in my poetic expressions….

When I had a Trip into the Magical World Of Ocean...

I always wished to become a Prince
Of a Kingdom in a far fetching Land
To enjoy the freedom of doing things
Whatever I feel or I want

The Oceans often attracted me a lot
As they look amass with mystery and fun
I wish I had a voyage to sail through it
To explore the magical world

It seemed as if My Wish was granted that day
As I had a beautiful Ship at my disposal to use
To sail through the thrilling world of watery land
In the midst of chilling whispers of blue

As I cruise through dividing the wind in part
My thrills had no boundaries to obstruct
I had a sound of someone calling me with my name
And I found it was “Quimzy -The Octopus”

He looked so friendly as if knew him before
He winked his eye and say Hi! to me
We became friends: I was happy to have him in the ship
I loved his company in my magical trip

I never knew that there was much more fun
Awaiting me ahead in the oceanic land
As I saw dancing Dolphins welcoming me
With a theatric and amusing sounds

They danced and danced paving my way
To a far reaching coral reef land
I saw a beautiful palace at a distance
In the midst of wonderland

A voice came from where I don’t know
That I should step in to the island of coral reef
To meet up with a beautiful princess - MERMAID
And take her along with me explore the magical trip
I did so, and she was happy to join us in our voyage

We did lots of fun and frolic things
Dancing Dolphins and singing octopus
To the tunes of waves of oceanic strings

 I heard a sound so familiar to me
Calling my name again and again
It became bit rude and disturbed my joy
I stopped my Ship to see who it was then

It was Mom, shouting at me to wake me up in the morning
Asking me to get ready for the schools as much possible as quick
I realized that I was in dreams sailing through the sea
And meeting up with creatures living in the deep


That was really a magical trip and a wonderful dream I must say
Treasure hunt, fun and mystic things you will find on your way

Visit Colgate Magical stories at their website and Let your child unleash his/her creativity

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