Friday, July 1, 2016

Falling Raindrops and Blessings in Life!!

Drip Drip Drip melodic Raindrops
They whispered on my ear as they fall on the Earth,
Falling is not always declining or moribund…My dear
As falling from heaven is homecoming for us

As I saw them welcomed by the whole world
With soulful songs of ecstatic hearts
I trail the memory lane of those nostalgic moments
Quiescent memoirs of fantasy land

The dancing peacocks to the tune of pitter patter raindrops
Magical aura of rain kissed emerald vista of mother earth
Under the canvas of white and grey vapors
The dim fading sunlight seep through the hazy clouds

The rhythm of downpour on the cradle of hills,
The whistling farmer ploughing on the fields  
The sodden droplets from the green leaves
The dripping roofs and the flooded fields
Looking at the puddles my glances struck to my static feet
The Splattering water from the puddles
Beneath the crazily stomping little feet
And the sound of clapping and laughing
That once held my spirit unbounded and wild

All reminded me those days of fun and blissful time...

With makes me feel that the child in me is still alive
Neither the Rain changed itself nor did the soul in me ever grow up

The Sheer Drops again said me that...
Without rains, the earth dries up
And without blessings, Life becomes a Drought

With rains we all have our own memory lane. We all grow along with the rain filling out the scrapbook of our life with colorful drizzly memories so passionately collected over the years somewhat innocently and sometime unknowingly.

I could remember my delightful gestures and twinkling eyes looking at the increase level of Rivers, ponds and other water bodies with every shower of rain, but today I understood that the fullness that comes with rains is the supremacy of blessings in life.

Rain pawns, Paper boats, Puddles, colorful - Umbrellas Rainwater, Fun, Floodgates of Nostalgia. 

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