Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One Promise from him: Be like this Forever!!!

Ahh!! When I think of a promise/Vaada/kasam and like terms from Him…honestly I don’t remember anything. Literally He never made any promise to me of any kind in our relationship which is more than a decade old after being tied with that sacred knot called “marriage”. But the best thing is …surely he is a great mind reader. Most of the time He does that what many of his ilk does to keep that promise they made to their beloveds. Sometime he makes plans or buys things for me even before I think about them.

I and my better half share a very different type of relationship. Our marriage was an instant one though arranged by our elders. From his side he was the decision maker and from my side my family had taken the decision. So I was a bit unprepared more clearly unwilling to accept this relationship in the beginning. One of the reason was everything happened so instantly that I couldn’t get time to accept the changes. Well… We were pretty smart to show as a perfect pair before everybody but we knew what the gap between us was. There was surely an emotional gap.  So I never demanded anything nor expected any kind of promise from him to keep me happy…because I knew I wasn’t going to be happy at any cost (sounds stupid but true!!)

But things changed. Don’t know how but one fine day I found that I’m perfectly happy with my life having a small family….an adorable Husband and a cool dude son.  And it’s all because of Him.  Because he did everything what it needs to be a Perfect husband….like

He would always say “Sorry” every time at the end whenever we have a fight or argument, no matter who is at fault.

He would always remember important dates (unlike his peers) like my birth day, our son’s birth day and our anniversary.

He would always surprise me with a gift or dinner on any celebrating days…like women’s day or mother’s day...Etc.

He would always respect my feelings, my likings and my way of looking at things.

He is always accommodative and supportive.

He would always do small things to make me feel happy. For ex. would always buy a chocolate for me as well while buying the same for our son

He would do things that would make me special and great.

He himself is a “speak and span” person and he would always dress up nicely. I like that.

I would never have to worry about anything…whether it is the health issues of my son or other issues of the family. He is the one who takes all the burdens.

Trust and commitment…I would say just synonymous to HIM…

The list would be a big one….so no point of making it so long. Isn’t he damn #SadaSexy as a person? The point is not only he became a man of vows after marriage but also he walked the walk for all those promises he made before that Sacred Fire (Havan Kund) if not to me directly.

So I never have felt to have any promise from him. But if today someone asks what would be that one promise I would like to have from Him….I would say “Tum hamesha aisehi Rahna, Kabhi badal na Jana…(Be like this always forever….Never Change)”.


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