Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#KhulKeKheloHoli: Life is a Palate and the Festival of Holi Validates That!!!

I never knew when the cheerful little girl in me who would love to dance with rainy like showering Gulaal waters all over on Holi grew up to a teen developing a phobia to water colors. Since my teenage I never liked playing Holi with Gulaal waters especially the Harsh Colors. Still now…I have that phobia. I get a goose-bump with the thought of splashing of colors from a pichkari. That’s why…perhaps I never played Holi with an open spirit #KhulKeKheloHoli type...u Know.  

On every Holi instead of getting out to play colors,  I would rather find an excuse to hide myself trusting my family members at home or friends in hostels. I never had/have problem with Dry Colors but water colors that to the chemical ones …I’m really scared of them.

There were reasons to be afraid of as well. I used to have very thick and long hairs. Maintaining it and taking care of them was always a difficult job. Washing my hair used to be nightmares for me.  If chemical colors put into it…then it would take at least a month to be properly cleaned. So more often I used to afraid of the fact that “might be someone would put colors in my hair”
It happened once also…

I was staying at my brother’s place those days. There used to stay a neighbor who I used to call Bhaiya and Bhabi. They were very nice couple with a baby boy. Our family had a very good relation with them and I had a special bond with Bhabi though Bhaiya was also very caring. 

Once in Holi…I took them into confidence to hide myself at their place as my brother’s friends and colleagues used to visit ours to have snacks and sweets and it was quite difficult to save myself from them. They would chase me like anything to put colors on me. Seriously!! I used to be so much worried for that those days…

It all went nicely till the noon. Bhabi also that day didn’t go out to play colors with other ladies of the colony as her son was too small.  Bhaiya had been to my brother’s house. As both the houses were adjoining to each other, I could hear the noises at my brother’s place. after few hours, Slowly the noise subsided. I could hear the sounds of the engines of bikes and cars indicating that everybody was leaving the place. Around quarter to 1 p.m. Bhaiya came and said…Holi was over!!

I took a deep breath to relax myself as I was successful to save myself. I went to our house. My Bhabi was smiling mischievously. The Stupid Me!! I sud have understood that there something puckishly was waiting for me.


Suddenly a bucket of water fall on me…in fact I took some time to understand that it was color water put by My Brother, Bhaiya and two of his friends who were waiting for the mouse to come out of the whole….

The colors were really strong and no need to say…how much time and effort it would have taken to clean them….

Well…that’s what Holi is all about...Bura Na Mano holi Hai…Right!

My mother had given me a very good tip those days. Take an oil massage for your hair the day before u play Holi. Massage coconut oil all over the body in the morning before putting any colors on it. It helps in protecting skin and hair getting affected by any color however strong it may be.  It also helps in removal of colors easily from the skin and hair…it really works! I made it a habit since then.

Now as a mother when I see my son…who starts playing Pani Holi  with fuga (polythene packs)  at least ten days before the Day of Holi and come completely drenched every evening…I really wonder at his enthuse. On the day of Holi also…I see him so insouciant daring all to put colors on him along with splashing colors from his Puchkari, throwing Gulaals …I really hold breaths most of the times.  Honestly I learnt from him only…play Holi with “Devils may care “attitude.  #KhulKeKheloHoli

No need to say…I massage parachute coconut oil all over the body and hair of my son and let him plays Holi with splashing of colors…and me…Okay I’m still afraid of water colors but without fail i oil massage my hair and body to be in safer side…who knows what will happen…

The festival of Holi denotes the existence of the different colors in Life. Life is a Palate. Each colors has its own meaning…but it reminds that Nature is full of colors and they signify the ingress of “spring”. Colorfulness ans sweetness are the positives vibes in our life. Holi brings colors and sweetness in Life.  Let’s get drenched in splatter of colors to welcome “spring” into our Life #KhulKeKheloHoli 

(don't forget to take the Oil massage...)



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  1. Beautifully written...Really miss those days...Hope you had a colorful holi:-)

  2. Hi Tina , It seems like , we both have similar childhood memory of Holi. Thanks for sharing the tips #KhulKeKheloHoli

  3. Lovely memories.. hope you had a colorful time :)