Sunday, May 31, 2015

Had you not Fool Me Twice….

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Had you not Fool Me Twice….

Unknowingly When I saw you first
That moment…
How blessed my soul is!!
I felt….
A sweet symphony of Beethoven
Streamed through my Veins
And the red roses blossomed
In the garden of my heart
Just Crazy I became And a little bold too
As I fall in Love with you
Drifting and drifting ...With the delightful flow
Never had I felt…You May be a Fake
How...I don’t know

Faith, promise, trust and Love
So divine they felt… as in me they echoed 
In your magical lap… paradise I felt
with stars rocked the floor

Lost in dreams ...In love streams
That your magic touch was inflicting
In me…
On those hypnotized moments
I hardly felt
You were deceiving me…

A brainless I…was so silly
For when I got the first knock
I didn’t get the shock
Though I was visibly upset
But I had the faith
with my Unconditional Love
I will get you back

It Happened so.. You were Clever Though

to play with my Heart
and Stupidity
a little more

For when that happened twice That broke the ice
Making me realize
You cracked my wall of trust
so heartlessly 
only to 
Fool Me twice...

My heart became  A blood filled pen
Splashing out drops of blood
To write a song of pain

Once amazing picture of you...In my eyes
Appearing so strange
I failed to recognize

With The unbearable pain..the foundation of my Faith was shattered
The broken pieces of my dreams… away they flew  with the storm

Used, Ablaze and bruised
A wounded soul... I became

Amidst those heart-burns
And in the midst of tempest
Something  I guess...mysterious happened
An illumination…
An awaking in heart...
And I found a better me….
A much better me...

I understood…
In Love, Mind is Fool and Heart is wise
Heart is soft and Mind is ice….

They say Falling in Love is so divine
Being in Love is
Being High After
A Peg of whisky
Love is joyfully exhilarating

But the pain you get  With a heart break
Being a repeated fool
As Alchemy…
Renovates your Soul
Makes it Beautiful...

For every lesson in Life
You pay a price
A really Big Price...
I wouldn’t have learnt this
Had you not Fool Me twice....

Fool me once...That’s your choice!!
But To fool me twice...Now, it’s my choice...!!

Loved it....share your feelings!! It delights me...

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