Friday, May 8, 2015

An open letter to Salman Khan: Do you really feel

An open letter to Salman Khan: Do you really feel

Dear Salman..where is Human in Being salm Khan

Dear Salman Khan,

To err is human but to repeat the same time and again is not. Let me clear you at the beginning that I'm not at all a Salman fan. Interestingly I always liked your movies but you are never a favorite hero of mine. While my peers were going crazy on you I used to laugh "what's anything crazy about him?"
So I never noticed seriously that you always remained in media with regular time intervals for some wrong reasons. Scandals are a part of every Hero's life. And the persons with as many scandals are the most favorite of our TRP hungry media.

However few years back one of my near ones who is a diehard fan of yours shared some of your humanitarian acts looking at my "no craziness" for you. I must say it gave me a different perspective of yours. I started viewing things related to you through a different spectacle.

I felt…May be you are totally a different man. May be you got transformed yourself from that "spoilt brat disorders" to a responsible citizen. I started appreciating you as a person. See, I always feel "charity is a social responsibility". And the people who deliver that responsibility sincerely deserve to be immensely loved.

The occasional sagas of your helping attitude towards your friends, nears and dear ones and other needy people started winning my heart. The reality checks up of "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" of stars done by a news channel gave me an idea that you sincerely and religiously involved yourself with it unlike your peers in filmy world. I felt as if you live your reel lives in your real life as well…like that of "ek baar mein commitment kar di to…mein khud ki bhi nahin sunta"

And the latest being the "I'm a Hindu- Muslim" and "I'm an Indian" ….The words you said inJodhpurduring the recording of statement before the magistrate in black buck poaching case. It was kind of intruders in my heart. WhenShobha De… one of my favorite writers tweeted about it….I got to an extent like trolling her.

Then came the D-Day. I never knew when I became a fan of yours. My heart started throbbing like any other fan of yours. You know what; I have been brought off with stories of "Dasyu Ratnakar becomingMaharshi Valmiki". My history book taught me that "A Chandashoka can become a Dharmashoka" if a true realization happens.

But you were convicted, reprimanded by court with five year jail term. I felt bad…very bad.

But after that the story of your conduct throughout the trial started rolling out. From the hounding and lonely death of your bodyguard Ravindra Patil to making your driver Ashok Singh lie before the court…..were enough to drop the curtain of illusion before my eyes. In every stage of your trial, your conduct was questionable. The truth that came out is really stinking.

You were never a criminal before that fateful day when that accident happened, which took took the life of Nurulla Sarif and injured four others, but you become one during all these years. That time you might have been intoxicated and you escaped from the scene like a coward, but during all these years….you just proved yourself as a seasoned criminal.

Now I feel as if the philanthropy you did through "Being Human" was just a part of an image building exercise. It was one of those illicit tricks to take advantage of during your trial process. While we were watching your human conduct in the illusionary screen that you and your team edited in to a reel like blockbuster, in the back drop, the ordeals of those who suffered, the difficulties of those who were fighting the legal battle with you, the kind of grotesque conduct of distorting the legal process with your illicit tricks were going on in reality.

The ignorance of fans may have made you a "Cool Salman" but you are no way hero at all…because had it been so…you would have accepted your fault long before.

The only thing I can say now… Whether you are jailed or bailed…but you have already lost the plot of humanity. Because for me it is difficult to find "Human" in "BeingSalman Khan".

Dear Salman, do you really feel "Being Human"?

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