Sunday, May 24, 2015

At First Sight.....He appeared To be right!!!

At first sight… he appeared to be right
But he became a shabby page of my life!!

At first sight…he appeared to be right
Little did I know he would 
 Tatter a page of my life

He entered into my world
When I was just eleven
A cheery and carefree I
 Was no way aware 
That my world would change to “Hell” 
from Heaven

With a doll in my hand…I remember
He came to our house as an affable neighbor
Soon he became a family friend
With an entry pass to our house
To come again and again

At the beginning…Things were not so bad
Every time he would come with something for me in hand
Sometime sweets, Sometime Chocolates
Sometime toys and sometime cakes

But soon I felt they were no free gifts
He wanted playing with me Some dirty tricks
Something Evil
something wicked

He would try to catch me
Every now and then
Making me uncomfortable
Again and again
He would find out ways
To spoil my days

It was hurtful and painful 
to be squeezed
And locked up in his robust hands
and Vehemently 

My strength was not enough
To kick him or push him
Every time I would end up
Helpless and feeble

My parents were no way aware
That their cheery doll had fallen
 Into a Predator’s prey
And having terrible nightmares
And horrible days

Soon the Divine God 
Had his mercy on my bruised soul
To wipe out the 
Helpless tears
And silent moans
That rolled out from my wounded  heart
every lonely night
 Onto my spongy and tender skins

Soon He sent an order of transfer
For my father
To leave that place
And for me
To have a fresh breather
As His Grace

As I grew up I understood soon

These Shrouded monsters
Veiled as  Mr.Right ….At First sight
Only to get cozier to defenseless kids

Then the beast in human form
Would come out in its true norm

Tearing apart the tender flesh
To satiate their animal craving
And quench their bloody thirst 

They appear as gentlemen in the day light
But they become hungry shark in the dark at night

I learnt to be careful…not to get disillusioned
And Judge them right
Because they Masked as Mr Right
At First Sight…..

According to a report, the more often than not the majority of dangerous crimes faced by children are from their known and own people only. Because as they are known to the children they win their confidence easily making them vulnerable to be subjected to heinous crimes.
We are celebrating 69th Independence Day; let’s ask ourselves can we ever make our society Crime Free for our children!!
Lets save the children from such invisible beasts in human form!!!

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