Wednesday, September 5, 2018

#MyFriendAlexa: A Dive into a Deep Sea

Let me start with a disclaimer:
I am not a writer or a blogger in its true essence. Means I am not very tech savvy, word savvy or English Savvy.  I still struggle to express my thoughts with my Not-So-Good-English and find ways to improve it every day.  I just write as If I am writing in a digital diary. Absolutely have no idea about the blogging ranks, like mozo rank, Alexa Ranks …you know. I don’t even know how these ranks are generated. Blog traffic, ads…and all such stuffs… I have absolutely no idea about them.

You must be thinking…then “Why the hell I am here being a part of this activity by Blogchatter?”
Well…even I had this question.
Let me tell you, I had heard about this #MyFriendAlexa activity last year. That time I had thought I should explore it. In August, when some of my friends shared in their SM handles that they’re going to be part of it, I thought I shouldn’t be a part of it, this year. Let me understand it first. Then at the end of the month, my curiousness and
Excitement got better of me. So without any prior preparation I got into it.
Now, I am feeling I have just jumped into a deep sea.  
I don’t know if I will be able to complete it or not. I have no clue if my blog ranks will go up or not (in that way, I am bit less expectant though) However, there are certain good things which I have already observed. Within this few days, I felt

It Makes You Read a lot
It’s great to be a part of this Campaign since “reading list” is a compulsory part of it.  I read blogs of different genre which I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, let alone reading them.

Making Blogger Friends
As we read about lots of blogs, we come across so many bloggers. We find an avenue of making new friends.

It Helps In Polishing our Technical Skills
Yes, it helps in boosting our technical skills…since we are just a query away from receiving answers from many skilled and experienced bloggers.

Till now…I am just struggling with accommodating the “Reading List” in my already too tight routine. However, I am enjoying it too. Hope, things will more smooth as proceed with everyday.

One thing I must say…Its Time for me to come up with a self Hosting Blog. At least I realized the importance of it in this few days of #MyFriendAlexa campaign Hope I will have one within few months.
I have just dived into the Deep Sea of Blogging World. Let me learn SWIMMING in it….:)

-Tina Acharya @tina_acharya
'I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with @Blogchatter'

This post is part of #MYFriendAlexa Blogging Challenge hosted by BlogChatter! I am participating, are you?


  1. All the best for going self hosting. It is an inevitable step for any serious blogger.

  2. Very honestly and passionately written post. Blogging is all about expressing yourself and being who we are and not trying to do what others want us to be. The passion matters and the purpose of venturing into this space emerges as we explore the different landscapes. It is indeed an ocean and we have so many like us who think alike and does the way we think. It is a wonderful community and we discover our own group and it is such a delight to know bloggers across the world and who have no commonality but when we share a topic and talk, we find the sublime connection and the meaningful conversation makes it enriching and we are thoroughly enlightened. There is a learning curve in blogosphere much like every other sphere in our life and we all go through and we slowly but certainly discover our own niche area and than it becomes our second home, and then we cannot just stay away from it for long.

    Tina, wishing you a great success in this space and self hosting is good idea, it becomes the permanent address of your house and you own it.

  3. You're so right, Tina. #MyFriendAlexa helps in ways we couldn't imagine. Welcome aboard. #LiveItYoungReads

  4. Very right you are.....campaign or no campaign, the true essence of blogging is making new friends, meeting new bloggers, reading some amazing blogs, and get all the encouragement to keep on writing :)

  5. I hope Alexa month was all that you hoped it would be. This was my 3rd time participating in Alexa, and the learning has been immense.

  6. Well same thoughts here but you've been blogging from 2015 is what I see. I've just begun a year back. I guess the challenge is more to say yes to the challenge than to complete it. Good luck.

  7. Love your honest views, I am also participating in #myfriendalexa and its a great experience #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerReads

  8. I am sure you had a wonderful September and a successful Alexa experience.

    I too am new to Alexa and enjoyed myself tremendously.