Monday, May 21, 2018


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No, No, It’s not any kind of Campaign so though it sounds like one. Actually its something I stumbled upon.  That day, i was travelling by a shared auto to Vashi railway station. I was seated in between a healthy lady and a medium-built man probably in his late 50s. Since I was nearly sandwiched by my two co-passengers, I couldn't able to find any place to get my mobile out & hold it on my hand and do random surfing...that I usually do. However the Man on my right was fully engrossed in his smart phone and he had held it almost before me. And the problem was since his phone was around 6.5 in screen size, everything was quite visible even with a slight glance. It was difficult for me not-to-look at...though I was trying hard. And then it caught my eye. It was a WHATSAPP GROUP in his mobile.... WE HATE COMBS.

I could not stop laughing as then only I noticed that he was HALF BALD. He noticed my laughter yet he didn't take his phone away from my sight. Anyway I had to control my laughter. At some distance, the lady on my left got off the auto. Now, only two of us remain there. He seemed to be a friendly person, so I could dare to say "never thought of such a WA group could be there." He smiled and then explained how one of his colleagues made that group and all the bald, semi bald and partially bald persons they came across was added to it. At present around 115 members are already there in that group. And the typical thing about that group is... When a member does something....other members share pics of COMBS to pull his leg. Means images of COMB is literally use as a LEG PULLING weapon. 
It was really an interesting encounter.
Our Destination came. While parting I told him...
"But this is unfair... Why Hate combs?? I don't thing Comb has any role in making anyone bald. Isn't it?? Aap ka takla hone mein bechare Kangi ka kyaaa dosh??"
He had a hearty laugh and then said, "Yes, You have a point." 

Seriously!! It was such an amazing experience!!!
Everyone has something really interesting in their lives and that's the beauty of it...Isn’t It??
What say????

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