Tuesday, May 22, 2018


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We know every photo has a story behind, So also every SELFIE. The Selfie I am talking about here is not very ideal one in terms of its photogenic attributes.  But this one is very close to us since it was a moment which we hardly had imagined that it would come…
Here is why…
5th November 2017,
In the evening my hubby brought an oppo A37, for my just-into-teens son, the first smart phone of his life. Even though we never liked our teenaged son to have his own smart phone so early in his life, but since he was going out for a week for his school trip, so we didn’t have an option than to get a phone for him. He was in the clouds nine. We were out to celebrate his specially moment “Hola, Finally I got a phone of my own!!” with a family dinner at our favourite restaurant. That’s when my hubby’s phone rang that changed the colour of his face. After the call he seemed terribly upset.  Sensing something awfully wrong I didn’t dare to ask him anything that moment Seeing the change of his mood, we decided to end our celebration abruptly.
We reached home. Then he revealed what had gone wrong. Following a suddenly developed severe stomach pain my 72 year old father-in-Law had been admitted to Apollo Hospital Bhubaneswar. Doctor had advised an emergency operation. It was scheduled to be done around 12.30 a.m. that day itself.
I know life is unpredictable. But that was something erratically unpredictable.  Just a day before I had a hearty talk with him in his B-day.
Well, we were at Mumbai. So other than praying we didn’t have any option to do anything.
Next morning, we heard Doctors weren’t hopeful for his survival as he was already 70plus ever if the surgery was successful. The next 72 hours were extremely significant as that would decide his fate depending upon "how his body was responding to the recovery". 

Next morning My son Pupun left for his school trip to Rajasthan, The day after I left for Odisha.
As I saw him lying on the bed in the ICU, a beat skipped my heart. He just tried to smile and enquired about his son and grandson.
The days passed-by. He was still in ICU. After a week, my son -after returning from his trip - and my hubby travelled to Odisha.
It was already more than 10 days in ICU but still doctors weren’t hopeful for his survival. After 15+days in ICU, he was finally shifted to a private room in the hospital.  By that time my Father-in-law was able to speak few words. In the room only both Grandson and Grandfather could meet for the first time.
After their wordless exchange of emotion, my Son told him, “Dadu, Jaldi se thik ho jao, I want to have a SELFIE with You with your perfect and signature style smile in My Grand New Phone. And then we will play cards, you remember right, last time you had won by 2 points. This time, be prepared to be defeated.”
 I don’t know what did this Grandpa-son duo communicate that moment, but Doctor had told us that probably those were his last few days. And you know what; it’s really terrible to go through such times. Even my Mother-in-Law had dried eyes as she realised that its impossible to escape the Inevitable.  
Well, after two days we had our flights to Mumbai. My hubby had some professional compulsion which couldn’t be avoided. It was tough to leave him like that. However in the back of our minds we were prepared to hear “Anything Uncanny” and rush to Odisha at any moment.
In our last visit to hospital before our return to Mumbai, my son told him in his ear “Dadu, Mumbai Ja raha huin, Next time I visit, Be ready with your smile for the SELFIE…Okay.”It was a poignant & heart-rending moment for us inexpressible in words
Thank God, Things changed. He was discharged from the hospital after a week and brought to home. He had shown positive developments and responded well to the treatment.
We were happy hearing his improvement day-by-day.  Soon, the thought of losing him vanished from our thoughts.
On 3rd March, 2018, we reached Bhubaneswar airport. Our trip was to attend the marriage ceremony of my niece at Cuttack. We board an Ola and straight away headed to my in-laws place at Outskirt of Bhubaneswar.  
As we reached, My Mother-In-Law opened the door while My Ex Army Hero  Baba (FIL) greeted us with Broad smile. He was sitting on the floor and watching TV
I can’t say how much we had missed his Signature Style Smile!!! It was an AWESOME MOMENT!!!
Then He asked my son to have a SELFIE immediately even before he had removed the shoes. My God!! He had registered my son’s words!!!
And That Was the MOMENT Captured in this SELFIE!! 
Now he is fit and fine and ready to take challenges from his grand children as many times. Now isn’t it AMAZING!!!

I agree it’s not a PERFECT SELFIE. But as I was surfing my Album for the SELFIES for this activity, I felt This One Only had captured the PRECISE, MOST PERFECT MOMENT and FROZEN it in time forever. Yah…Seriously….!!!

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