Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Essence of Life of A Woman!!

#ItsMeAndMyLife:The Essence Of Living Life Of a Woman!!

Sometime It Makes Me Think...

It’s Just About Me and My Life

It’s about

My Choices That Often I make

My Reasons That often Drags Me back

My Excuses That Often I Give out

My Passions That Often I Love

My Fantasies That Often I Treasure

My Realities That Often I suffer

My Glorious Moments That Always I Cherish
My Delights That Often makes me Crazy and Wild

My Ugly feelings That Often I Veil

My Faults That Often Makes Me Fall

My Pain That Often Breaks Me inside
My Hopes That Makes Me Rise From Within 
My Dreams That Gives Me the sight of a new Sky
Where I Can Fly

And the list goes on...

Looking at the Setting Sun

Watching At Its dazzling beams

I feel as if it’s my Own Soul is at The Horizon

Reflecting an Aura of fulfillment and Satisfaction

After a daylong illumination

I lived my Day To the fullest

For the purpose of my creation

And there is an Echo I hear…

That all my tomorrows are going to be full of
Cheers and Laughter

Yes…It’s Just about Me And My Life

The Essence of Living

The Life Of A Women

It’s Me and My Life…. And The Echo Goes on



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